Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bath time

So, Davis just does not like baths. He'a not so bad when you just stick his head under the kitchen faucet but basically we've gone to the baby tub as is normal and he just screams all the way through bath time. Don't they usally like baths- when is that? Is it when he stops peeing in his baby pool? Or maybe when he has enoguh body control that he doesn't just slide to the foot of the tub. With that said, I usually enlist someone to help me hold him up so I can wash him. He's quite cute, but man, it is an ordeal to get this kid clean!
REVISED: He doesn't mind baths which started around 6 weeks but he still PEES in his bath!


My little Beanie has a rat tail. For real. He was born with it! We had to get that handled asap so I called a professional- Shannon's sister, Lauren McElroy- to come over and give him a little trim up. He was her youngest client to date and other than the lack of neck control, he was quite cooperative. Though, that was a couple weeks ago and as of today, his hair is starting to fall out as many babies do. We're guessing its going to grow back blonde like his daddy.


When Davis was two weeks old we had a little brunch beacase mama was gettin' a little stir crazy. So, I just had everyone pitch in a little bit and come to us. My family was there including Stacy & JJ from Chicago along with Shannon, Kim, and Christi & Peyton. Davis slept as per usual. It was nice to do a little socializing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 weeks and counting

Mr. Davis is three weeks old today!
The days are filled quickly and flying by. He's really getting to be a big little boy. He's already about 9lbs. He left the hospital at just over seven pounds. He sure does love his food-though much more the formula than mommy's milk. That has been a little tough, but I'm just not making enough food to keep little man from getting hysterical. I often felt like a farm animal with all the feeding, pumping, and bottle making. It was a little stange at first having so many peiple around when you feed, but if you come over to my house (gals only!) then you may geta bbob shot. I can't help it!

He was a very quiet little guy the first two weeks and the last few days has gotten to be fu-ssy! Sometimes my husband doesn't understand why he cries for no reason. Because- that's why. But, I'm told by Kelle Lazzara, who visited today, that getting fussy between weeks 2 and 3 or during a growth spurt is fairly normal. Last night was the first night mommy was up all night with him screaming. It really makes you half crazy- the screaming- but all part of the deal. We're recently discovered the swing and he seems to calm down quite a bit when he gets in it. He just freaks out when his pacifier falls out which seems to be every few mintues. But, he's still young so he's still gaining strength.

I fully intend on reading the "what to expect" books for the first year- and sit it next to me every single day- but alas, I'm still on page 7. Oh well. Tomorrow I'm going to start going into work some. Davis is coming with me. We shall see how that works. I know lots of folks say they could never stay home. But- I could. The day fills so quickly. There just not the time to sit on the couch (unless I'm feeding him) that I thought there would be- even at the beginning. That made it a little tough on my c-section recooperation but I'm doing really well now. I'm sure everyone underestimates what you're getting into with the first one. Though, I hear the transition from the first to the second is the hardest. We aren't going there yet...
So, all is all- its been a good 3 weeks. Tiring- as to be expected- but good. Lots and lots of folks have visited, sent gifts & cards, and basically spoiled Davis and I. Especially my mom. There's no way I could have done this without her here. In fact, if she could just come everyday- that would be fine with me!

Above are some pictures over the last few weeks.