Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hilton Head

I've been a complete slacker lately on my, I'm trying to get caught up.

In the beginning of November my parents, Dana, Matthew, Davis, & I all loaded up in dad's Escalade and drove to Hilton Head for a wedding for Miss Kiley Ohlson (our dads are old frat "bros") and Nathan Leong. He, his family, and friends came all the way from London so there were certainly some interesting people to meet. I just loved the accents too.

In any case, we decided to drive overnight b/c we thouhgt this wouldn't mess so much with Beanie's schedule. And it didn't. It worked like a charm. This kid didn't make a peep til about 6 in the morning. We stayed in a big house in Palmetto Dunes where Stacy & JJ from Chicago & Clay from CA joined us as well. It was nice having family around so when I got sick of mommying duties I could just hand him off! I'm sure he also likes a new change of scenery once and a while. We were there for about a week. Beanie visited the beach and ocean for the first time. The ocean was a little cold and he wanted to eat the sand for the most part. Davis also perfected his sitting skills and started rolling both ways easily. (He'd only been rolling from his back to his tummy for a couple months now...).

Davis has also started trying some new foods...he tried barley (instead of brown rice) and chicken for the first time on vacation. He slept ok, not quite like he does at home but all in all everything went quite well. Here are some pics from the trip.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Our first Halloween with a little one is just a little more festive than normal! This year Beanie was a spider....provided by Miss Shannon who borrowed it from a friend. He didn't much care for it and the hat he wore was clearly made for an 8 year old instead of an infant but he was a good sport. First we went to Christi & Peyton's for some neighborhood fun....they had a grill out and even a hayride! Miss Peanut was a princess. After we were done we went home to greet our tricker treaters. Matthew dressed up as a samurai and gave out the Candy and we let Beanie out of his costmume and just had him in a Halloween T-shirt from Aunt Dana. My folks, Jeff and Dana, and Matthew and I just hung around to see all the kids and eat some pizza. Christi took most of the pics and will send me some soon but here are the couple I got before the batteries ran out.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swim lessons!

  We were just getting in and adjusting to the cool water here. Poor little feet & lips were purple for a bit!

Here we're practicing kicking.

 Above, the instructor has all the little kids "chase" around a little fish to promote reaching & eventual strokes.

In a previous post I said we'd put up some pics but Mimi and I haven't connected on pictures but Davis, Matthew, & I went to Beanie's second swim lesson last night so here are some pics! I took Davis in the water this time. He LOVES when I blow bubbles. That really gets the feet moving!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We LOVE to jump!

So, we have no jumperoo at our house (just at Grandma's) so WE are the jumperoo for Davis!!


This past weekend we went up to Chicago to have Beanie baptized. Our minister, Paul Stiffler, who married my parents, Aunt Joan and Uncle Gary, Matthew and I, Dana and Jeff, and Stacy and JJ this coming June- (as well as baptized all us kids)- of course, baptized Beanie- but in the backyard at Aunt Joan's house. We thought that would be easier for all of us. I don't think God discriminates on locale anyway. There were 15 of us including Davis who made the trip including Matt's parents all the way from Bloomington. Stacy and JJ are the official godparents but Aunt Dana and Uncle Jeff certainly do more than their fair share of Beanie care. Here are a few pics. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

6 months

Ok, well, he's not 6 months officially until Friday but he went for his check-up with Dr. Cummings. That guy is so laid back- unless he had an 11th finger sprout out of his arm he'd prob'ly tell me he was on track but I think Beanie is doing just fine. Dr. Cumming's agreed and added "that he's quite social and had a pleasant disposition." (Are there babies that have "bad" dispositions?) He did have two immunizations (ie: shots) and a flu shot which Matthew thinks is excessive but I've told Matthew he does not have a degree in medicine like my doctor does so he's getting a flu shot! Back to the doctor at nine months.

Height: 28 1/4"
Weight: 18 lb 12oz
Size 2-3 diapers
9 month clothes- he wears a combo of bigger 6-9 month or 12 month at the moment.

SKILLS: Rolling over (though only one way- from back to front), grabbing objects as small as a raisin, tracking objects all directions, sitting supported, standing supported. There are some others from the "book" but I can't remember off-hand.

FOOD: We started rice cereal at about 4.5 months and have just started baby food, stage one, about a week and a half ago. At the moment he gets half a container stage 1 yellow vegetable (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes) mixed with 2.5 T. rice cereal. All in all it makes about 1/4 cup. We're just adding an additional feeding of cereal & green vegetable (peas or green beans) this evening. I've heard most babies don't like this quite as well. Next round of food I buy will be stage 2 (thicker). Soon will come meat (can you saw ewwww to pureed meats!) and lastly fruits in addition to one more meal which will make three meals per day. Beanie will also be adventuring into finger food (ie: biter biscuit, etc) and drinking from a cup. I could have done that at about 5 months and just haven't done so yet. He still eats in his Bumpo seat since he can't sit up on his own yet. Once he does that (sometime this month prob'ly) we'll move to the high chair.

So, all in all, he is a big healthy boy!

Weekend Festivities

We're having a busy-ish weekend here at the Crain household! Matthew officially turned 30 on Thursday. We decided this is the age you are officially a "grown-up". Whether or not we act like one is a different story. We went out for the evening and left Beanie with Nana & DD. Friday Beanie and I went to tennis and came home to get ready for Kim Havestock's wedding at the Roof downtown. It was such a beautiful wedding. Mimi and Papaw were kind enough to come up and stay over night so we could act slightly less than grown up! We didn't want to get too wild seeing that Davis had his very first swim lesson this morning at 9:30a! I had to be at work before the lesson was over so Matthew got in the water on this one. He was so stinkin cute! Mimi hasn't downloaded pics yet but we should have some soon! Between all the other babies, water slides, and general activities at the Monon Aquatic Center- he had a little issue with concentration. He even went under water for the first time and didn't make one peep. What a tough boy he is! I really think he liked it though and we have a few more months so we shall see what kind of little tabpole he becomes. Mr. Tyden Fiesbeck is joining us for lessons in December with mama Jackie. We are very excited to have a friend in the class! While I work this afternoon Davis is going to be out carousing with Daddy, Mimi, and Papaw (though some of the grandkids call him "Aw-paw"). I think it's so important to get these small beings out of the house to see what's out in our big world. I just want to soak in every minute. They just get so big so fast...sigh...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wine & Canvas

So, if any ladies (not that men can't participate as well) need something intersting to do with their girlfriends sans children there is a great new company in Carmel called Wine & Canvas. You can sign up according to what picture your want to paint- Monet, O'Keefe, etc- and meet at a local restaurant to have a cocktail and paint an imitation of a master painter. Last night I went with all the Dickinson girls to do a Monet or as Matthew likes to call it "Fo-net". It was really fun and they teach you step by step how to do it...all the paintings were suprisingly good. I'm even going to hang mine in my house- just the laundry room but still, not too shabby! Here we are showcasing our masterpeices.

September weekend

This past weekend wasn't too eventful but we did go to Mimi and Papaw's for the first time (Matt's parents) in Bloomington. Damon & Lindy live there too but we hadn't been to Grandma & Grandpa's house yet. I'm sure they thought it was about damn time. We just stayed over for one evening & Damon, Lindy, & the girls came just for a couple hours. Mimi & Papaw even watched Davis some so Matthew and I could play a little tennis at Windslow Park Sunday morning. Here are a few pics Lindy took...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another friend!

I am in the time of my life that folks are following a certain, marriage, house, babies. My friends are having babies and my sister's friends are getting married as they're only a couple of years behind. So, Davis has been getting friends though he may not know it yet. The most recent buddy added is KADE DANIEL MEDINA. Mommy is Susan & daddy is Jeremy. They're both Shaw sales reps. I found out that Susan was actually pregnant at my baby shower this year and I didn't even know it. Sneaky girl! Mr. Kade came a little over three weeks early via c-section (such beautifully shaped heads!) and mom and baby are doing just fine. He was a small little guy weighing 6lb 9oz. We're going to meet our new little buddy next week. I think that may be it on the baby hoizon for the next several months at least...darn it.

New Skillz....

So, Davis was officially 5 months old yesterday. It's going way too quickly...but, we are learning new things by the day. We officially love the exersaucer and more so even the jumperoo- and now can even touch the ground! But, we have to have something to chew on whilst we are in such contraptions. Those little teeth on the bottom are just below the surface but I'm told this is pretty normal and may not poke through for quite some time yet.

Two weeks ago we tried our first "big boy" food- well kind of anyways- rice cereal. That is not going so well, but we will press on. He just doesn't seem that interested. But, I've tasted the stuff- I wouldn't be that interested either.

And, our super is...dun, dun dun...rolling over! He did it one day and the next was flipping like a wild man! Our only problem is Davis can't flip back over to his back yet once he's rolled over and he doesn't actually like being on his tummy so he just gets irritated frequently! He can't roll over with his arms in his swaddler but when he's napping and "free" he does like to sleep on his side some.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

This past weekend was the last "official" summer holiday...sigh...

Dad was at the midwestern regional tennis tournament the week before labor day and stayed at Crooked Lake in a quaint little cabin on the water. So, at the last minute we decided Davis, Matthew, & I- along with our parents would go spend a few nights at the same cabin at Crooked Lake near Angola, IN. I planned to lay out and play with Davis at the edge of the water b/c we were on a sand bottom but it was FREEZING COLD! For real...the high on Saturday was 63 and it was so windy I couldn't even have a conversation outside b/c it was soooo loud. Really, it was bizarre. We'd all brought one sweatshirt so we were a little shmaggy by the end of the long weekend. We decided to go out and explore and garage sale. It was definately warmer and less windy inland. Dad even got an autographed Barry Mantilow picture. Who can't use one of those for two bucks! Sunday was pretty nice felt like fall. We went to the state park and local inn and did some nature hiking by the lake. It's such a great family inn...called the Potawotamie. It reminds me of the place on Dirty Dancing. There were boats for rent including kayaks, paddle boats, pontoons, etc. Just so charming. We even got Davis his own loon to take home and remind him of his first vacation. I was totally lame on the pictures but here's what I've got.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4 months (4 and a half really)

I'm all thrown off with my stats because Davis had his four month check-up today and he's really 4 and a half months. Geez. So, off to the doctor we went. I keep hearing "what a big boy" and he really is


Weight 17lb 5 oz. -Daddy guessed his weight on the nose!
Height 26"

Head "big"- for real, that's what the nurse said...

At 4 months that puts him in the 90% but since he's 4.5, he's in the 80's somewhere.

He's doing what he's supposed to but my doctor is VERY laid back so unless he was missing an appendage I imagine he would say this. He's rolling over to his hip a lot. He's gotten past the hip just a few times but can't get past the last shoulder. When I do put him on his tummy he just tries to eat the ground so he's not very good at lifting himself on both arms unless you're waving a snack in front of him or something. Typical Downing! He does start baby rice cereal tomorrow morning. Apparently you only give them this once a day. I had imagined giving it with every bottle so I have like 14 baby spoons. Anyone else who has a baby shower will get one affixed to their gift as an accessory from now on! 'Real' baby food (and high chair) will come after the next doctors appointment at 6 months. How exciting (and messy) that will be. My big boy! Hopefully he won't have any of that aversion to gluten like his Mimi though most folks grow into that as they get older. He also got shots in each thigh today. At the two months shots, I cried- today I laughed. What kind of mom does that make me!? But, he only cried for maybe a minute and then found something to shove in his mouth which distracted him.
What else...ooh...we have discovered the jumperoo. OH MY GOSH! How exciting it is! Lights, music, jumping, toys- what could be better? The exersaucer is not quite as exciting so I brought it here to the office since he's here only 10 hours/week but it's better than laying in that boring bouncy chair says Davis. I've also starting blowing bubbles with Davis as per He seems interested but is not quite sure what to make of them yet. I still love to see daddy play airplane with "Captain Beanie". It's so cute- I'll have to get a video up here one day. One of my girlfriends, Adriane (who came to meet Davis last week) is a flight attendant so Matthew always has her "serving drinks" on the flights :) That's all for now...more to come soon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere!

This week has been filled with all kinds of baby excitement! My cousin Lisa (Byrd) Hester had a little girl named Ailey Noel (bottom) & family friends Nick & Molly Lazzara had Abigal Katherine (top). They're just so little compared to my big ol' tank of a son! Both were healthy and the parents are happy. Miss Lisa had 20 hours of natural labor just to have a c-section b/c her three attempts at an epidual didn't work. Way to be tough, girl!
This weekend I also have a baby shower for a gal I work with, Susan. Should be fun. Does one bring a baby to a baby shower? Hmmm...

The Bean and Nancy

Aunt Joan "the babysitter" had Jimmy & Nancy over to my house while she babysat Bean this past weekend. She took this video...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 months!

Yesterday, my brother turned 30 and today Beanie turns 4 months. Time is a flyin' by. I thought he was still a newborn. But, the stain the carseat puts on my forearm when I'm carrying Davis is evidence that this is not the case! Davis won't have a check-up for another two weeks so no stats yet but I have a feeling he is still in the "beef-a-lo" catagorey. He's wearing 6-9 months at the moment. We've also recently discovered the jumparoo. Oh, what excitment! Davis and I also signed up for about 10 swim lessons at the Monon Center starting in Oct on Sat mornings. They're not so much lessons as getting mom and baby comfortable in the water. Our friend Ty (he's a month older) and Mommy Jackie are joining us for a few of our last lessons in December. Maybe Davis can show Ty what he's learned!

We officially have our first babysitter tonight (I'm excluding all the time he's spent at my moms house b/c that doesn't really count as a babysitter). Matthew and I are having our first evening out together sans baby to attend Tammy McCarroll's wedding. The McCarroll's have been my next door neighbors since I was born so it's a good reason to get out and about. Aunt Joan came to sit all the way from Chicago but I have a feeling she doesn't mind getting some alone time. Who can resist his charms? She clearly has more parenting experience than I considering she's raised two well functioning adult men but I'm still nervous. What if his bottle isn't at just the right temp or his bedtime routine is off so he just yells for an hour instead of sleeping? Well, nothing really will happen- he'll eventually fall asleep but I'm a new mom and I can't help but worry needlessly!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Everyone wants to meet Mr. Davis while he's still in the golden age of babyhood. Well, that's what my book says they are at 3-6 months. This is a time when they're all smiles but still can't escape on foot! We've been meeting lots of new folks from my family. Cousin Grant came out for a couple weeks, he's Davis's second cousin I think (he's my first...hmmm). Grant is 13...then his 18 year old sister came for about a week in a half. That's cousin Ellie- I think by the end she really loved Davis. She would sing to him, take him on walks, and even almost fought a salesman from Saks b/c of an "escalator incident" that could have been potentially harmful. We shall explain THAT later. I wonder what her teenage friends thought of her posting such pictures. I think Ellie did realize she likes Davis but is definately not enamored enough to have her own! Stretch marks do not go so well with itty bitty bikinis! Let's just wait for a good 10 years or so Elle... And, I think she may come to Hilton Head with the fam in November so I can go to a wedding and Davis has someone to watch him. Then Grandma Ellie came, Davis's Great (and only) Grandmother. She's 90 years old and flew here all the way from Spokane, WA like it was no big deal. I laughed when we were in the kitchen and she offered my dad her seat in case he wanted to sit down. But, that's Grandma. She may outlive us all! Then our last new friend was my cousin Danny- he's my oldest cousin at 35 and doesn't have any kids of his own but he was wonderful at calming him right down when Davis started getting fussy. We'll get to see some of these folks again at Christmas but Davis will be gigantic by then so I'm glad so many people made the effort and took time from their schedules to see our son. They change so quickly...sigh...Family's very important and I'm particularly lucky to have a great one.