Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toddler on the loose

So, Davis is now over 14 months and is just moving around as much as can be. He doesn't actaully walk on his own yet but he'll hang onto a finger for days. His crawling is so darn quick I can see why he doesn't want to give it up. The house is really baby coffee table is even sitting in the living room (I know!). I always said I'd never give up my furniture or accessories for baby toys, but alas, I've done a lot of things I thouhgt I never would! He can climb his slide and toddler "rock wall" on his own as well as wave bye bye. I don't think him waving as I drive away and saying "buh buh mum mum" could be any cuter. He also helps me get him dressed in the morning by putting his own awms through his sleeves. He also has a little "thing" he does Matthew and I call the "Beanie Wiggle"...just ask him. He loves to perform :)

His eating is more like a "big boy" everyday. He's only getting baby food b/c I went crazy and bought over 100 jars a couple months ago but he'd much rather eat what the grown ups are having- which he'll tell you with a high pitched screech if he's not being included in meals. He eats about everything now unless something is small and hard, or just really bad for him! His favorite foods are raspberries, yogurt, mac & cheese, peanut butter toast, cheesy scrambled eggs, and of course his milk. The only thing we really need to work on are his veges and meats. He occassionally gets sweets from friends and relatives- I think a little spoiling is part of the deal. But, we try to stay pretty reasonable at home.

Last weekend was Stacy & JJ's wedding- they're Davis' godparents so we thought he should at least attend. Mimi & Papaw came down to help Matthew and I get to all our events but Davis did come to the ceremony and cocktail hour. He was so stinkin cute in his pinstriped linen shorts and matching sweater vest. I'll put up pictures as soon as the photographer gives us a proof or two.

All in all, Davis has been a really congenial baby. He's a good sleeper and as long as he gets the proper amount of attention & sleep, he's quite laid back- as far as toddlers go anyways! I can clean in the morning and he just motors around the house (the parts that aren't gated) and entertains himself- albeit throwing my accessories on the floor as he goes. Right now his favorite things are swinging and generally being thrown all around. He's such a rough and tumble young- at this point I can't believe I wanted a girl. I just can't imagine it...