Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hilton Head

I've been a complete slacker lately on my, I'm trying to get caught up.

In the beginning of November my parents, Dana, Matthew, Davis, & I all loaded up in dad's Escalade and drove to Hilton Head for a wedding for Miss Kiley Ohlson (our dads are old frat "bros") and Nathan Leong. He, his family, and friends came all the way from London so there were certainly some interesting people to meet. I just loved the accents too.

In any case, we decided to drive overnight b/c we thouhgt this wouldn't mess so much with Beanie's schedule. And it didn't. It worked like a charm. This kid didn't make a peep til about 6 in the morning. We stayed in a big house in Palmetto Dunes where Stacy & JJ from Chicago & Clay from CA joined us as well. It was nice having family around so when I got sick of mommying duties I could just hand him off! I'm sure he also likes a new change of scenery once and a while. We were there for about a week. Beanie visited the beach and ocean for the first time. The ocean was a little cold and he wanted to eat the sand for the most part. Davis also perfected his sitting skills and started rolling both ways easily. (He'd only been rolling from his back to his tummy for a couple months now...).

Davis has also started trying some new foods...he tried barley (instead of brown rice) and chicken for the first time on vacation. He slept ok, not quite like he does at home but all in all everything went quite well. Here are some pics from the trip.