Monday, September 21, 2009


What to name this baby? Hmmm....yes, we know it's early but we both have our hearts set on something and are not wanting to budge. Matthew likes the more traditional names while I like 'em a little funky. What are your thoughts?

Katie picks- Hunter, Jackson, Cole, Caden, Colton, Cooper, Riley
Matthew- well, I don't know that he has any in particular. He's mentioned several Russian names for some reason.

We like to use family names for middle names if we like 'em ok.

Katie- SOPHIA HOPE!!! Hope is after my grandma Mila and I just think Sophia is so freakin cute
I also like Lexi (Alexas), Bella (Isabella), Addison, Mia, Layla, Savannah, or Grace.

Matthew is IN LOVE with the name Audrey Peyton. Audrey is after Audrey Hepburn and Peyton is after allegedly nobody but I don't believe that for a second! He's had this name picked out since before we were married and when I was still "sure" I didn't even want kids. Amazing how a few years gives you baby fever.

Please give me your thoughts! Here is a link to the 100 top 2008 baby names.

I got some input from my baby loving SIL, Lindy. She liked Cooper & Caden. She also liked Sophia Hope & Addison (which was almost the name of my youngest niece, Hannah). She did make a good point about using names that would later get shortened- what if folks want to personalize items- then what initial do you put on it? If the full name is Alexas and we call her Lexi- does her lunch bag get an A or a L? Hmmm...good point! Thanks Lind!

I've come up w/ a spectacular girls name that I LOVE. I think I'm going to TRY and keep it a secret. We shall see... 9/25/09.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today I start my pregnancy/baby blog.

Today I was reading some of my girlfriends baby blogs and I realized I wish I had a place to look at experiences my friends had when they were pregnant. What's to come in the next 7 months or so? Frankly, I don't really know! I realize there are books and articles and baby shows- but hearing it first-hand is the best way to go. I go.

I'm 10 weeks so far and I'm elated. Truly joyous- and I'm really not an over-enthusiatic gal but for this, I really am. I couldn't quite wait for that first trimester to be over to tell my good friends and family. I was just way too excited. And with my mom on the loose, I figured I'd tell folks before they heard it from her. It's ok mom, I'm glad you're excited too. I'm even excited to get that baby belly that may very well impart stretch marks and sleepless nights- but it means there's really a baby in there. I feel pretty good for a pregnant gal. I consider myself lucky that there was not much morning sickness or throwing up in particular. I had a few food aversions that are pretty well gone. The exhasution has set in. When I get home from work, I just want to sit on the couch and ignore the laundry that has been sitting on my bedroom floor for three days. Around 7 weeks I did start noticing some symptoms- nausea, a quick gag reflex, constipation, and gas. I know it's unpleasant but for you gals that are planning to get pregnant you will start getting very comfortable with your husband about such things that I was always convinced are not topics for discussion. They are now!

My first doctors visit...I had an appt at 8 weeks. I was excited and nervous. I mean, maybe I had imagined the whole thing. Who knows. When the RN told me I didn't need to bring anyone with me I knew that wasn't going to fly. So, I brought along Matthew and my mom. A couple nurses made jokes about clearly I was a new mom b/c I had an entourage with me. Never hurts to have extra support. I picked the hospital becasue I was in love with the glass tile from when I had been there to see Miss Peanut Steinberg being born. I realize it's not a reason to pick a hospital but it was new and reputable and my doctor, Dr. Amy Moon, came very highly reccomended. So, off to the hospital we went. Having them tell you what size check you need to write at the end of 9 months was a little intimidating. Don't they know I have a crib, stroller, clothes, and diapers to buy! This was a long appointment...two and a half hours. They got my family history, did a girly exam, took some blood, and best of all- I got to have an ultrasound! I was shocked when there was a little jelly bean floating around in my utereus. It didn't look like the blob I anticipated but I teeny, tiny little person or gummi bear as the tech pointed out. The most exciting part was hearing the heart beat. That made it all feel real. You could see Bean's (that's what we're calling the baby until we know to call "it" he or she) little heart beat a mile a minute. I was told it was very stong and everything looked good. All is right with the world...let's just get past that first trimester and we'll be in good shape.