Monday, July 26, 2010


Everyone wants to meet Mr. Davis while he's still in the golden age of babyhood. Well, that's what my book says they are at 3-6 months. This is a time when they're all smiles but still can't escape on foot! We've been meeting lots of new folks from my family. Cousin Grant came out for a couple weeks, he's Davis's second cousin I think (he's my first...hmmm). Grant is 13...then his 18 year old sister came for about a week in a half. That's cousin Ellie- I think by the end she really loved Davis. She would sing to him, take him on walks, and even almost fought a salesman from Saks b/c of an "escalator incident" that could have been potentially harmful. We shall explain THAT later. I wonder what her teenage friends thought of her posting such pictures. I think Ellie did realize she likes Davis but is definately not enamored enough to have her own! Stretch marks do not go so well with itty bitty bikinis! Let's just wait for a good 10 years or so Elle... And, I think she may come to Hilton Head with the fam in November so I can go to a wedding and Davis has someone to watch him. Then Grandma Ellie came, Davis's Great (and only) Grandmother. She's 90 years old and flew here all the way from Spokane, WA like it was no big deal. I laughed when we were in the kitchen and she offered my dad her seat in case he wanted to sit down. But, that's Grandma. She may outlive us all! Then our last new friend was my cousin Danny- he's my oldest cousin at 35 and doesn't have any kids of his own but he was wonderful at calming him right down when Davis started getting fussy. We'll get to see some of these folks again at Christmas but Davis will be gigantic by then so I'm glad so many people made the effort and took time from their schedules to see our son. They change so quickly...sigh...Family's very important and I'm particularly lucky to have a great one.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 month check-up

So, Davis is in good shape! We went to the doctor last week for his official 3 month check-up. He's doing all the things a 3 month Bean should be doing. Milestones that he surpassed...sitting up (assisted) & strength of grip. Things he's not doing so great on...lifting head while on tummy. He HATES being on his tummy so when he starts screaming I usually pick him up or roll him back over. It usually lasts all of two mintues. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be just fine. We're trying to see if the Boppy might be better for him to lay on. The right side of his head is slightly flat so we're putting all his toys to the left. His favorite on his playmat where he spends about 45 minutes in the morning was on his right so maybe this is throwing him out of wack. His head looks fine to me though! He's having no problems gaining weight which is more typical for aformula-fed baby.

Weight: 14 lb 4 oz (72%)

Height: 25 1/4" (90%)

MY BIG BOY! - this must be my genes.

They are SOOOO cute at this age. All smiles and charm. You would not believe how many strangers stop me in a store to google at this kid. I'm sure that happens to everyone but I do believe he is particularly cute :) Of course I'm not biased at all! This month we are still into toys we can bat at but now he gets a hold of them and then tries with all his might to pull them down and put them in his mouth. The drueling is also in full force. My shoulder is constantly moist. We've also learned how fun it is to grab mommy's hair. I can't believe what force it takes me to wrench it free! This week my cousin Ellie and Grandmother Ellie are in town to meet Mr Davis. They love him ALMOST as much as I do.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

I LOVE the 4th of July! I've spent it every year with my family since I can remember.

This week started with a visit from Uncle Clay. He was only in town for a couple days but he got to meet his first nephew. True to form., Clay likes to play a little rough but Davis seemed to like it. I always say he gets puppies and children mixed up. Clay even brought Davis his first little camper outfit. Hopefully Clay will come do that with Davis when he's older. Mommy & Daddy aren't so much campers in our "old age".

Friday is my sort of day off so I worked until about 12:30 and then mom, dad, and I met Kim at lunch outside in downtown Carmel. I chugged a margarita just a little too fast but I was in a good mood! Friday evening Stacy & JJ came home. I do have to say it is nice that both the families are in town so they're not back and fourth between towns when they come to visit. The Pease's just moved into to a beautiul Cape Cod home on Sagamore Golf Club. I've gotten to know the whole family (sans Emily who lives in CO) and Stacy is really very lucky in the in-law department. I don't think you could find a more adorable woman than Kathy Pease. I just wanna pick her up and put her in my pocket!

Sat we did our usual Farmer's marketing and errands. We made a stop at the hoppin' Joe's(Lazzara) Butcher Shop and stocked up on some yummy meat for the cookout at moms Sunday. We decided to do the 4th festivites at moms this year b/c frankly, the cleaning at my house has been a little on the light side since Davis was born. Plus, there were 20 people and there just isn't room since I have no yard in the back. But, I helped do the cooking and preparations. I tried to make a flag cake and we should have known not to let ME bake anything. It was out of a box that I later discover was from when I was in COLLEGE! Needless to say it was a little off so mom whipped something up and nobody was the wiser. We had super yummy pulled pork that Matt's dad brought down so we'd have some in our freezer a few weeks ago. Mom made chicken and hot dogs and most folks brought something to pitch in. It was really nice with all those people there-I had like 10 people willing to watch Davis so I could relax while daddy played cornhole. I have a few pics- most of which Davis is naked b/c it was so hot. I can't believe I didn't get any in his official 4th of July outfit that Nana bought him! Darn it!
All of the Carmel festivites were on the 5th this year...we started the day with the parade. I love the parade. It's my favorite part of the holiday. Its not great or anything but quite nostalgic. And people are serious. Chairs go up a full 24 hours before the parade even begins. Dad always plays tennis so he stakes out a place with chairs so have something in the shade. We've been sitting in the same place since I was born. Stacy, Dana (& Layla), JJ, Davis, I went to Kroger to get the customary over-abundance of donuts before the parade begins. Davis didn't even flinch at the sirens. He was quite a good boy. My 13 year old cousin, Grant, is staying at my parents for a couple weeks and I think Jill is confused on his age. She kept telling him to go fetch candy from the clowns. Maybe she thinks he's 8. He just laughed at her like the rest of us did. Oh well. The rest of the afternoon we spent at my parents. Matthew went home to work and rest (he's been getting up early with Davis) while Davis and I watched movies and played in the yard. It was a very nice restful day all in all. Since Davis's bedtime is a full hour before fireworks begin we skipped the big ones this year and just did some in the driveway. Davis is still so young he doesn't know to be scared of the loud cracks and bangs. He didn't even flinch, my big boy.
I can't wait til next year when Davis can run around and actaully partake in the festivities!