Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wine & Canvas

So, if any ladies (not that men can't participate as well) need something intersting to do with their girlfriends sans children there is a great new company in Carmel called Wine & Canvas. You can sign up according to what picture your want to paint- Monet, O'Keefe, etc- and meet at a local restaurant to have a cocktail and paint an imitation of a master painter. Last night I went with all the Dickinson girls to do a Monet or as Matthew likes to call it "Fo-net". It was really fun and they teach you step by step how to do it...all the paintings were suprisingly good. I'm even going to hang mine in my house- just the laundry room but still, not too shabby! Here we are showcasing our masterpeices.

September weekend

This past weekend wasn't too eventful but we did go to Mimi and Papaw's for the first time (Matt's parents) in Bloomington. Damon & Lindy live there too but we hadn't been to Grandma & Grandpa's house yet. I'm sure they thought it was about damn time. We just stayed over for one evening & Damon, Lindy, & the girls came just for a couple hours. Mimi & Papaw even watched Davis some so Matthew and I could play a little tennis at Windslow Park Sunday morning. Here are a few pics Lindy took...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another friend!

I am in the time of my life that folks are following a certain, marriage, house, babies. My friends are having babies and my sister's friends are getting married as they're only a couple of years behind. So, Davis has been getting friends though he may not know it yet. The most recent buddy added is KADE DANIEL MEDINA. Mommy is Susan & daddy is Jeremy. They're both Shaw sales reps. I found out that Susan was actually pregnant at my baby shower this year and I didn't even know it. Sneaky girl! Mr. Kade came a little over three weeks early via c-section (such beautifully shaped heads!) and mom and baby are doing just fine. He was a small little guy weighing 6lb 9oz. We're going to meet our new little buddy next week. I think that may be it on the baby hoizon for the next several months at least...darn it.

New Skillz....

So, Davis was officially 5 months old yesterday. It's going way too quickly...but, we are learning new things by the day. We officially love the exersaucer and more so even the jumperoo- and now can even touch the ground! But, we have to have something to chew on whilst we are in such contraptions. Those little teeth on the bottom are just below the surface but I'm told this is pretty normal and may not poke through for quite some time yet.

Two weeks ago we tried our first "big boy" food- well kind of anyways- rice cereal. That is not going so well, but we will press on. He just doesn't seem that interested. But, I've tasted the stuff- I wouldn't be that interested either.

And, our super is...dun, dun dun...rolling over! He did it one day and the next was flipping like a wild man! Our only problem is Davis can't flip back over to his back yet once he's rolled over and he doesn't actually like being on his tummy so he just gets irritated frequently! He can't roll over with his arms in his swaddler but when he's napping and "free" he does like to sleep on his side some.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

This past weekend was the last "official" summer holiday...sigh...

Dad was at the midwestern regional tennis tournament the week before labor day and stayed at Crooked Lake in a quaint little cabin on the water. So, at the last minute we decided Davis, Matthew, & I- along with our parents would go spend a few nights at the same cabin at Crooked Lake near Angola, IN. I planned to lay out and play with Davis at the edge of the water b/c we were on a sand bottom but it was FREEZING COLD! For real...the high on Saturday was 63 and it was so windy I couldn't even have a conversation outside b/c it was soooo loud. Really, it was bizarre. We'd all brought one sweatshirt so we were a little shmaggy by the end of the long weekend. We decided to go out and explore and garage sale. It was definately warmer and less windy inland. Dad even got an autographed Barry Mantilow picture. Who can't use one of those for two bucks! Sunday was pretty nice felt like fall. We went to the state park and local inn and did some nature hiking by the lake. It's such a great family inn...called the Potawotamie. It reminds me of the place on Dirty Dancing. There were boats for rent including kayaks, paddle boats, pontoons, etc. Just so charming. We even got Davis his own loon to take home and remind him of his first vacation. I was totally lame on the pictures but here's what I've got.