Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mommy tricks.

So, I keep getting good advice from my mommy friends. I don't really know what I'm doing in a lot of instances so its really great to have some good women nearby to help. Here are a few things I've learned...

1.) Davis does NOT like to be cradled in your arms unless he's eating or sleeping. His favorite position is being held with his legs straddling my thigh so he can check out his surroundings. It also helps build his neck & head muscles so he doesn't do the newborn flop.

2.) He loves to flail around on the floor. The boy just goes crazy! He makes lots of noises while he is on the floor too. Some folks think the noises mean he's unhappy but he's just talkin' to us. If he was unhappy- y'all- you would know it! We like to put him on a the ground for play time a few times a day and just hang out and chat or sing with him.

3.) Those "activity mats" just pissed him off for the longest time until I figured that the 58 toys that were on the bar overhead is what was freakin him out. He just likes one or two- perferably something that chimes and that he can bat at. He also perfers the toy in front of him is on his left side. Apparently most babies pick one side over the other.

4.) Gas position...Davis has some gas and tummy issues after he eats. I realize there is formula for this but he absolutely refuses the "fussiness and gas" variety. The generic formulas have some kind of cheap binder that makes them VERY foamy and his tummy hurt all the more. So, when he does get gas, we put him in the position above. Tummy and head on pillow and feet hanging off so it puts some gentle pressure on him tummy. People, don't freak out- I know they're supposed to be on their backs- but don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him. Besides, all of us capable of reading this blog grew up on our tummies- a few mintues a day won't hurt him!

5.) Babies- at least mine- don't cry for no reason. He's tired (and has to be forced into a nap), is hungry (or wants a pacifier), has a dirty diaper, or his tummy hurts. Fixing these issues quiets him 98% of the time. Recently, a few times he's been too warm. He's not as complicated as I originally anticipated.

6.) Movement- when he is generically fussy- don't put him down! Everyone wants to cuddle him and I can' blame them b/c he is so damn cute but swing or rock him- the hardler the better. This will put him to sleep in 5 mintues! Then slowly put him in the swing or vibrating rocking chair and voila, I can actaully make dinner!

7.) All these pee-pee gadgets that are supposed to go over his "man parts" so he doesn't pee on mommy are really pretty silly. Don't get me wrong- they're amusing but all his flailng around on the changing table means that the 3" peice of molded fabric does not work as well as intended. I throw a wipe on him. Simple & no extra accessories to carry!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our first friend.

Davis's first friend is Miss Peyton Steinberg (Christi's daughter). She's two and just loves "baby Davis". She helps feed him and always makes sure he has his pacifier. Here we are at the pool attending her first swim lesson Tuesday. She even jumped off the diving board! Today (Wed) we went to our first Carmel kids concert. There are singers for kids at local parks from 10-11a. We met Christi & Peyton along w/ Jackie & Ty. Ty is just 5 weeks older than Davis ans such a big boy. It's fun to have mommy friends to run around with!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Festivities.

Yet another weekend of a little outdoor fun around town...nothing too exciting but its nice to get out and about while the weather's nice. Saturday morning we spent another morning at the Carmel Farmer's Market. We got lots of veges and I've decided to try one new vendor each weekend. This weekend we got a little brick of peanut butter fudge. Yummmm. Saturday evening Aunt Nancy was exhibiting at the "Art of Wine" in downtown Carmel. She'd been asked to make a ginormous wine bottle of mosaic. I know there's a word for the size of this bottle but I can't remember what it is. Anyway- it fits like 10 bottles of wine. This is what I need for summers spent on the back porch! We cocktailed on Tom's back deck (that overlooks downtown Carmel) and went paroozing around Carmel's Main Street. Sunday was Matthew's very first Father's Day. Davis got him a book called "I Love Daddy" to read to Davis in the evenings. What a sweet little boy. Sunday morning Davis was up early so we decided to have a Father's Day Breakfast at Bubs, our favorite local breakfast spot. We hung around and watched soccer in the afternoon and went to my parents for a cookout (I had to spend a little time with MY daddy that day). All in all it was a nice weekend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


We went to lunch at Kindcaid's today with Stacy's good friend, Kimmy. Stacy has some really great girlfriends from her childhood that are like sisters too me now. Since Stacy's not here to partake, I'm borrowing them for myself :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The official SCHEDULE

Oh, how I LOVE having a schedule for this child. It didn't occur to me until this past week that I should actually put him on one. But, we'd put him in his crib the week before and he was only sleeping 3 hours at a time. Some babies are nearly sleeping through the night at this point so I figured something was lacking. I called and communed with my three mommy gurus- they are my go-to girls for all things mommy related. Lindy, my SIL with three girls, Kelle Lazzara with a 6 month old that has done so much research you'd think she's a doctor, and Christi who has a nearly perfect two year old. I wonder if boys are different seeing as all these gals have little girls? We were told how much some babies sleep at night if they're in a swaddler- Kelle referred to it as a baby straight jacket and she was right. But, wouldn't you know- he slept six hours his first night and in less than a week he's sleeping around 10 hours without waking. Oh what a joy this is. I just can't explain to people who haven't experienced it or who have just forgotten how sucky it is to wake up in the night to feed an upset baby. Now, we're putting him down around 8:30pm and he wakes to be fed around 5:30am or 6am. I think we're going to take turns doing this feed. I know some people think its silly but I'm so thrilled having a few hours to ourselves at night. And, I know he's a baby so I'm flexible but he doesn't know what he needs, mommy does! Here's the official scheudle: We don't quite have the naps down yet but we're working on those.

7am- Katie get up
8am- Davis feed, diaper, etc
845- playtime
10- nap- T & Thur to Nana Jill's for the rest of the day so mommy can work!
11- feed, diaper, etc
1145- playtime, Katie to work M&W
1pm- nap
230- feed, diaper, etc
315- playtime, errands or walk
5pm- feed, diaper, etc
545- do our best to keep him up! play w/ daddy & tummy time
715- bath
745- change & read
815- feed & bed

2 month check-up

Today we went to the doctor for his two month check-up. Time is a-flyin! All was well...I had my long silly list of first-time mommy questions which the doctor patiently waded through. He says he's doing what he's supposed to...smiling, gaining strength is his neck, sleeping more, and steadily gaining weight. Last month he was 10lb 5oz, this month he is up to 12lb 12oz. What a big healthy boy we have. That puts him between the 50 & 75th percentile according to babycenter.com. I think that makes him just the perfect size! At the end of his appointment he had to get more vaccinations- 4 in total, in two shots. That made mommy's eyes water. My poor little boy. Holding my infant down while some woman sticks needles in his thighs in NOT how I want to spend my afternoon! Here's my sweet Beanie at two months. He's getting cuter all the time! Now, who does he look like? Hmmm...

June Weekend

We had another exciting weekend! I love the summers when there are always things to do and people to see. Friday, Davis got to meet one of his Great Grandfathers, Grandpa Guy Shine. Unfortuneately, his wife, my grandmother, Mila passed away just two weeks before Davis was born. It reminds us all about the cycle of life. Grandpa Guy is 88 years old and lives at home with his son Carl. We visited for a few hours and went on home to make sure Daddy got to see Davis before he went down for the night. I was impressed how many details Grandpa could recall about his own kids at that age.

Saturday we took Davis's first trip to Bloomington to see Davis's Aunt Lindy, Uncle Damon, and all his girl cousins- Annalyssa- 7, Clara- 5, and Hannah-2. It was Annalyssa's 7th birthday party and many of her friends and cousins from Lindy's side came over for a pool party. Davis was, again, not enthusiastic about the water, but we had cake & hung with the family. Mimi & Papaw came a little later in the afternoon and, of couse, Mimi would not put Davis down. She even changed a poo diaper. I'm not sure if I'll be that kind of grandma or not. Even Miss Hannah held her little cousin. The girls are so good with him. We haven't spent much time with his boy cousins, Wyatt & Andrew. I'm curious to see if they're quite as gentle! I'm having a few doubts :)

Sunday daddy & Davis hung out all day long. Matthew called me a few times and said how appreciative he was that I am with him all day, everyday. I think our little Davis was a little more time consuming than he anticipated. Ha. No shit. I went with my Aunt Nancy to the Talbott Street Art Fair. She was exhibting her mosaics over the weekend and I thouhgt she could use a buddy to keep her company. By the time I got home around 7pm, my mom and dad were already at my house. Jill spent 12 days in Spokane WA and was anxious to see Davis as she'd only missed seeing him two other days since birth. Nobody wants to see me anymore. Sigh. Oh well, at least she brought dinner :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day fun

This past weekend was Memorial Day. We had a long relaxing weekend with family and friends. Friday we went to my Aunt Nancy's art show after having a cocktail or two on Tom's deck in downtown Carmel. Everyone loves when we bring Davis out on the town! Saturday morning Aunt Stacy, Mom, Davis & myself went on a walk on the Monon Trail and then on to the Farmers Market. The gentleman selling the "spark buttons" to raise funds for Carmel's 4th of July festivities decided Davis was the cutest spark button patron (ok, he said youngest but he meant cutest!) so they took a picture of him and it will be in next month's local events magazine called "The Current in Carmel". We then went to brunch at mom's house where Stacy's friends were coming before they headed to the race. Davis got to meet Joan & Louie's little girl Taylor who was almost 10 months old and such a big girl. I yearn for the day he can put his own pacifier is his mouth like Miss Taylor!

Saturday afternoon my good friends from Houston came in town for the last time nefore Courtney goes on an international assignment for 9 months to Quatar in the Middle East. We had yet another cocktail and went to see Sex & the City II. Davis stayed all day with daddy. I think daddy wanted a nap when we came home. Miss Courtney stayed over Sat. night because her husband, Tim, was going to the race with the rest of his family.

So, Sunday Courtney got to know Davis a little better and we hung around the house picking out a color scheme for her new row house she's going to build in Houston. In the afternoon we went to the West Clay pool with Shannon and "her" kids. Davis did not like the cool water. That look on his face is not pleased but he was so darn cute in his swim trunks! That evening we had a cookout at moms house. My Uncle Gary joined us as well as Nancy & Jimmy, Stacy, & Tim & Courtney. Tim was SO good with Davis. He could palm him in one hand, do the mom sway, and crack a beer in the other hand. He is going to be a great daddy one day. Above are some pics from the weekend. It really is wonderful to have family so close. Now, if Uncle Peasy would just come home with my sister, I would be a happy girl. You hear that Pease, I'm giving you 5 years!!