Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OB Appt

Today I had yet another OB appointment. There are so many of these damn things I've let Matthew skip a few. Here are stats

Total weight gain: 23 lbs (8 lbs in the last 5 weeks. Crap.) Still fine but not where I'd like to be.
BP: 112/66...a little lower than normal for me but still very normal
Heart Rate (Davis): 144 normal
Size (Davis): 36 cm- coorelates to about 5 lbs currently w/ a projected size of just over 8lbs at birth. That's in the 60-65% percentile. But, that's only an educated guess really.
No sugar or urine in my protein- good!
Bean is head down for the first time- good! Just stay there...

Not much exciting for today's appointment. I did quiz Dr. Moon on epidurals. In a previous baby class (which we've now finished after 7 weeks) we were told that some doctors turn the epidural off, down, or some just let continue as long as mom isn't too numb to push. She wouldn't divulge the doctors who turn the meds off (that's just mean!) but Dr. Moon said she continues the drug unless there are problems pushing (sometimes there are w/ first timers b/c we don't know what we're doing). Next came a sigh of relief. Though some moms have the impression that the catheter drip has been turned down when, in fact, the contractions are just so strong you feel a lot more towards the end including lots & lots of pressure. In any case- drug me up lady! Next appointment should prove more exciting. I get an internal exam to see if I'm "progessing". Joy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Heart Attack

Most of you that have been pregnant have felt that "shortness of breath" that comes w/ gaining 20 lbs right in your stomach. I mean, that's kind of an understatement. Tieing my shoes or picking up something at the office, like a pen, is entirely too tramatic for my airway. This weekend was amusing....

So, I took Matthew to see his favorite comedian, Pat Dixon Sat. night at Crackers in downtown Indy. We don't go "out on the town" very often so Matthew was fairly excited. We didn't realize there was some sort of motorcyle BMX situation going on. We drove around looking for a parking spot or over an hour! For freakin' motocycles. Who knew? So, we did find a place that was 9 blocks away and it was 5 mintues before the show started. That's a little annoying but I can still walk (not so good at the jogging) and I wore flats, but the parking garage was ten stories high and we were on the 8th floor. On the way down wasn't so bad. On the way up was a far different experience. By the sixth floor I was literally weezing- like a little fat 10 year old in gym class. So much that my chest hurt b/c I was breathing so hard. I know I'm not in that great a shape to begin with but I coudln't even talk. So, I asked Matthew to rest while I pretended to get something out of my purse. Yes, I need my lipstick halfway up the flight of steps- that's it. It was embarassing and I've now told Matthew next time I will be dropped off whilst he parks the car :) Would it be easier carrying a baby in my stomach on in my arms? Hmmm...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chubby & Swollen

So last night I had to officially (and temporarily) retire my wedding & engagment ring b/c they won't fit on my finger without a major fight to get them off! I feel naked. I get it- my tummy is getting bigger. Why are my fingers getting fatter??? Hmmmm....

SIZE UPDATE: Davis us just over 4lbs this week. My boy is getting big!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pulling it all together

It's coming together slowly but surely. This little space is sure filling up quickly. But it is the littlest of the bedrooms, just 10'x 10'. I ordered the fabric for the window treatment a couple of days ago. Mom's sewing those for me (who else?). Here's just a couple pics of how its shaping up so far...can't wait til the crib is here! Ain't much of a nursery without that.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Damn Wal-Mart!

Matthew & I ended up with a free day on Sunday b/c mynephew had Fist's disease (Fifth's?) and we weren't sure what the protocal was. So, no trip to Bloomington for Mimi's bday. Sorry Mimi. Anyway, I thouhgt since we had just gotten the bead board done the day before (pictures to come!) I would have Matthew assemble the crib. I had found it at Target and shortly thereafter it was discontinuted from Tarrget and wouldn't you know the same one was at Wal Mart. Mark & Eileen shipped it to us for our Xmas gift and its been sitting in the garage ever since. When Matthew opened the box, we found the head board was cracked. Damn you Wal Mart and your inferior handling! Now Wal-Mart no longer carries the crib. The store manager said we could call the manufactuerer direcly. I informed him that when my customers recieved damaged tile that we were responsible to get it handled since we had contracted w/ the customers. The manager did not seem to comprehend what my point was- alas- it is Wal-Mart so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. So, I have called the manufacturer and apparently the crib was not made after '08 so they were going to check back stock and get back to me. I'm a little tempted to fill the crack and just put it up. It's on a corner and not that big (the back is a little uglier but what do I care about the back of the crib that nobody will ever see?). Hmmm...I just want to get my darling nursery finished! Poor customer service is so frustrating!!

REVISED: Bassett Baby called and said they had 8 left and are getting one out to me asap. Should be here in 7-10 business days. Yeah!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Grandma's Nursery

Nana Jill made a nursery for Bean out of one of her spare bedroom- Stacy's room. I'm reminded that its still her room. Mom painted a buttercream yellow that was left over from my downstairs, got some new bedding (for the crib & for guests), & painted Mark & Angie's donated crib white. It was in perfect condition. The mobile came from her next door neighbor who just grew out of the baby phase w/ her grandkids. I think it's pretty cute for an impromptu room. We are still short a sheet but that's easily remedied.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010



OB Appointment

I had another OB appointment today. There are lots of them now (every two weeks) so some appointments are a little scant for excitement. BP is good- same as usual- 112/70 but I gained about 3.5 lbs. I'm almost at 19 now. Yikes. I hadn't gained any in the last month or so, so we'll just chalk it up to a Davis growth spurt. My new favorite treat is ants on a log! But, I'm still well within "normal" (actually on the lower end) but I'll keep on eye on things. Davis is still feet down but that's not a concern until much later in the pregnany 36-38 weeks. Next appointment in two weeks.

There was an amusing indident in the waiting room. Some wild hillbilly gal- I'd guess around 20 or so- shows up with her pregnant 16 year old sister. Sister seems fine and goes back to have her appt. Well, after the non-pregnant gal sat there for some time (which she deemed too long) she started harassing all the employees and the poor receptionist- like she can make the doctors move faster. She starting saying profanities loud enough for us all to hear and told us all to leave this "shit show". Clearly some of us in the waiting room were not used to this behavior here in our land of the suburbs. She finally was escorted to the back but not before she accosted me (my doctor was not running behind so I was called only a few mintues after I'd checked in). The receptionist said "please do not harass our pregnant patients". She was a nut ball. It's an OB office not a football game, lady! Lets hope I am not on the same schedule as her poor little sister who just looked terrified. You meet all kinds...

Monday, February 8, 2010

31 weeks

Today Davis is the weight of 4 navel oranges- prox 3.3 lbs. He's 16 inches long. So, basically he's only got a couple more inches but is doubling in size. Basically that means he's getting baby fat. I want a chubbo w/ cute little baby thighs and cheeks I can squeeze to my heart's content.

OB appointment tomorrow. Can she make my insides stop aching? I shall ask...

A friend of mine just had a baby today via c-section. 9 lbs 8 oz. (that's some serious baby)Congrats to the family and new baby Caroline!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I love my friends!

Lots of my friends & family have been really good to me during this whole pregnancy deal. There's an awful lot of stuff this kid needs and a lot of advice I sure could use. (then there's the stuff I don't need but is so darn cute, I just don't care and love it anyway!) I think I get a box of baby goodies from Randa every other week. The already mommies give me advice whenever I ask for it and often in great detail which is much appreciated. How do I know what I'm doing? Learn on the job I suppose. But, its good to hear the down and dirty so at least I'm as prepared as I can be.
Last night I went to dinner with one of my best friends from high school, Christi. She gave me a fantastic early shower gift. I think it's so cute and just my style. It will even match with most of my clothes. I realize some folks may not think of that- but this is something I'm going to use a lot so I may as well get once that suites me! Its pictured above...isn't it cute??!! I made Matthew put it together when I got home last night at 9:30. He thought I was crazy. I found one of my cats in it this morning. He must have thought it was cute too :)