Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Davis is home.

Soon I will write my birth story. But, not right now. I've got a baby that needs to be fed and we haven't quite gotten that figured out. The birth story was not as we anticipated- more like an abbreviated version but for most of you that read this on any kind of regular basis, you know what happened already anyway! The hospital was glorious. 3 days of nurses, staff, and family getting you whatever you need. I kind of wish I could have stayed longer but was certainly glad to get home.
Now we're a little more at ease and have finally started our own little family. Above are some pics of the last few glorious, emotional, painful, and surreal days of our lives coming home from the hospital through today. Enjoy. He's cute, right? I think so :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He's Coming Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it's almost here. Davis-our new baby. My new family. I'm overwhelmed, anxious, excited, and scared shitless all at the same time. But, we've done as much as we can to be prepared and that's all we can do. Nobody's really prepared- I know that, so we're just gonna take it one day at a time.

Wed night, I'm going to the hospital to have my lady parts "prepared" and then will be induced Thursday morning if he hasn't come already. He was still up pretty high today so the doctor didn't imagine he'd make an appearance before then. So, come sometime Thursday there will be a new Downing-Crain! Crazy. This is going to change our lives forever. I guess this means I'm a grown-up officially. It's been really quite touching with all the phone calls, texts, emails, and facebook messages I'm getting seeing to see if our little man has arrived. He's loved so much by so many before he's even born. What's a lovely thing to be born into.

So, I did have some tests and obviously an appointment this morning since I was due yesterday. I've had quite an average/normal pregancy which is really ideal. We had a non-stress test this morning. Basically they sit you in a recliner and strap on a fetal heart monitor to see what he's up to for half an hour. We want some variety in the heart rate. He was a little lazy this morning until they buzzed me with a little electrode (not painful) and it made that boy do a full flip. That got him moving. They also monitor contractions of which I had very few. But, all in all, Davis is still thriving. We then walked next door and had an ultrasound to make sure there was an appropriate amount of fluid. There was. We also verified that Davis is indeed a boy. He is.

We then had an appointment with the doctor.
Weight gain- 30.0
BP- 124/82 (a little high but I was a little anxious)
Davis HR -130
Dilated- 2cm
Effaced- 70%
Estimated weight of Davis: "just under 8 lbs"- take that with a grain of salt...

The OB said everything was quite healthy- me, placenta, & baby. She said "let's have a back-up plan" so I suggested we induce Friday so my sister could be there. She said she was not going to be avaiable after 4pm Friday so it was suggested we come in Wed night for the cervadil and then induce the following morning. So, there is a plan..."I love it when a plan comes together".

The next post will be with baby pics :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

39 weeks!

Above is me this morning- 39 W, 1 D

Ok, so I'm still pregnant. I went for another appointment hoping for good news but alas I'm still one 1-2 cm dilated and only 50% effaced. The baby is still pretty high so looks like I've got a little bit to go yet. But, I've been laboring under the impression that my due date was April 15th and apparently its April 12th. Not that it means much, but I'll take a few days! So, my next week's appointment is one day past full term and I'm having an ultrasound, non-stress test, and hopefully one last exam (before the numerous you endure during labor) if he hasn't come yet. At that point she'll determine whether or not to induce me or just let me stay pregnant. Ugg. But, it's getting close!

Today's stats:

BP: 108/78 (lower than usual for me but the nurse says usually a nice day brings out low BP)
Davis HR: 130 (the gal had to chase him all over to get that today. She really made him work)
Dilated: 1-2 cm
Effaced: 50%
Weight: 29 lbs (still under 30!- just barely)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Place your wager.

I'm wayyyy over being pregnant so we're taking bets as to what day I'm going into labor. The "winner" gets to choose Davis's first year Halloween costume- within reason people! I've had several people suggest that the winner get to pick the middle name. Yeah right. So...the following wagers have been made...

Dana April 9th (god bless you for thinking I'll deliver a week early!)- She has already said "Ewok". Great- at least daddy will be happy, though.
Clay- April 11th
Katie/Courtney- April 13th
Shannon- April 14th
Matthew- April 15th
Christi- April 16th
Stacy- April 17th
Tim- April 19th.

*I'm cursing all of you that are pulling for me to deliver after me due date! Jerks.