Monday, September 21, 2009


What to name this baby? Hmmm....yes, we know it's early but we both have our hearts set on something and are not wanting to budge. Matthew likes the more traditional names while I like 'em a little funky. What are your thoughts?

Katie picks- Hunter, Jackson, Cole, Caden, Colton, Cooper, Riley
Matthew- well, I don't know that he has any in particular. He's mentioned several Russian names for some reason.

We like to use family names for middle names if we like 'em ok.

Katie- SOPHIA HOPE!!! Hope is after my grandma Mila and I just think Sophia is so freakin cute
I also like Lexi (Alexas), Bella (Isabella), Addison, Mia, Layla, Savannah, or Grace.

Matthew is IN LOVE with the name Audrey Peyton. Audrey is after Audrey Hepburn and Peyton is after allegedly nobody but I don't believe that for a second! He's had this name picked out since before we were married and when I was still "sure" I didn't even want kids. Amazing how a few years gives you baby fever.

Please give me your thoughts! Here is a link to the 100 top 2008 baby names.

I got some input from my baby loving SIL, Lindy. She liked Cooper & Caden. She also liked Sophia Hope & Addison (which was almost the name of my youngest niece, Hannah). She did make a good point about using names that would later get shortened- what if folks want to personalize items- then what initial do you put on it? If the full name is Alexas and we call her Lexi- does her lunch bag get an A or a L? Hmmm...good point! Thanks Lind!

I've come up w/ a spectacular girls name that I LOVE. I think I'm going to TRY and keep it a secret. We shall see... 9/25/09.


  1. Hmm..I think you know my thoughts but I'm into Hunter, Jackson, and Riley. Copper...not so much. I know a dog named that and I hate that damn dog. Girl names-I love Sophia Hope. Of course I'm going to pick the one named after my grandmother! I also like Addison, Mia, and Grace.

  2. Oh, also feel free to name the baby Stacy Lee if it turns out to be a girl...hehehe

  3. I am with Stacy. The only Cooper's I know are 4 legged and furry. Not exactly the sort of name to catipult a child into stardom. I like Isabelle (no "a") or Lexi. Those are super cute. Not a fan of Layla.

    Matt picking out a name befoer y'all got married. Not a usual occurance for a man.

  4. Secrets are the best way to go!! Once everyone sees the baby they can't/won't critique the name!!!

  5. I dig Sophia a lot, as well as Bella (I used to babysit for a Bella). Both have great origins and meanings: Wisdom and Beauty! They are solid old-school names with contemporary funk. In Italy we always said Que Bella!

    I'd vote for Mia best friend from pre-school in Detroit and of course Mia Hamm.

    I'd stay away from anything too close to pop culture. Poor Elvis Stojko...

    What about Katie D jr?