Monday, November 1, 2010


Our first Halloween with a little one is just a little more festive than normal! This year Beanie was a spider....provided by Miss Shannon who borrowed it from a friend. He didn't much care for it and the hat he wore was clearly made for an 8 year old instead of an infant but he was a good sport. First we went to Christi & Peyton's for some neighborhood fun....they had a grill out and even a hayride! Miss Peanut was a princess. After we were done we went home to greet our tricker treaters. Matthew dressed up as a samurai and gave out the Candy and we let Beanie out of his costmume and just had him in a Halloween T-shirt from Aunt Dana. My folks, Jeff and Dana, and Matthew and I just hung around to see all the kids and eat some pizza. Christi took most of the pics and will send me some soon but here are the couple I got before the batteries ran out.


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