Friday, October 2, 2009

12 Week Doctor Visit

Yesterday I had my 12 week OB appointment and finally got to meet my doctor, Dr. Amy Moon. First, the nurse weighed me and took the baby's heart rate with a doppler. I've lost 4 lbs since I have some extra to start :) I'm really only supposed to gain about 15lbs total. I'll try and be good Dr. Moon! I've not been sick, just trying to be reasonable on my eating. Not that I won't indulge in some good pizza or ice cream here and there, but maybe one peice of pizza instead of three would benefit me, the baby, and my waistline! Next, the nurse used the doppler machine (heart rate monitor for the baby). It took a while to find the heart beat, my heart was about to burst out of my chest waiting to hear that little bump bump. But, then it popped up fast and strong. Little Bean had a heart rate of 167 bpm- within the normal range of 120-180. I was so relieved. They took me a little early so my husband missed that part much to his disappointment, but I was so glad they didn't make me wait til the end of the appointment. I would have had an anxiety attack by then! I started crying when the nurse left becasue I was so anxious about the baby still being in there and healthy. The miscarriage rate is just so high, I've heard one in four pregnancies. The visit was short, just about 20 minutes. The doc introducer herself, asked me if I had any questions, and we were on our way. She did say she'd keep an eye on my "special" utereus. It is slightly bicornuate or heart shaped, but it doesn't look like it should be a problem. Some folks in extreme cases develop two "cavities"or "horns" and the baby has a hard time being born full term b/c they are so restricted on space.

I'm thirteen weeks on Sunday, so it looks like I'm in the clear for the most part. YEAH!! I'm healthy and stress-free, the baby is healthy. All is well :) Next time I go to the doctor, I should have a little baby belly. Then comes the maternity clothes. I am NOT so excited about those as many strides as desiners have made. There are still a lot of things that look like moo-moos to me.

Oh, I also got my flu shot when I was on my way out of the doc's. And the H1N1 is on the way! Don't worry. No pig virus is getting to my baby! And honey, if you won't get a flu shot, then you'll sleep on the couch for a couple nights when you start coughing this winter :) I know, I know..."you never get sick"

Today I got my first baby gift from a girlfriend who I've been helping on her wedding, Shannon. As a "thank you" gift, she gave me one girl outfit and one for a boy. I'm torn becasue they're both so damn cute! I'm looking forward to all this baby stuff. How can anyone resist!


  1. I predict a girl! Based on the old wives tale, the higher the heartrate, the more likely it is a girl. All three of my girls have been in the 160's.


  2. I am torn..I don't know what I predict! As Auntie and Fairy Godmother Stacy, I will be happy to see either sex as long as it's happy and healthy:)