Tuesday, December 15, 2009

23 week appt

Bean & I had another check-up today. We first went to the ultrasound lab where they needed to get a little better look at the heart. Bean was just a little too young to check things out at the last ultrasound- 19 weeks. All looked good but again, he was not cooperating. Must be a man thing :) After a few mintues of not moving at all- he started going crazy- like "hey lady, you quit poking me, I'm still sleeping!" and then he quieted down again and would not budge. As daddy said "must be like his dad on Sundays". So, we couldn't re-confirm Bean is a boy, but we're going with that theory from the first ultrasound. (Let's hope she was right b/c I offiially have my nursery "handled" thanks to Eileen & Marks early Christmas gift- the crib!) His hearbeat was 148, same as last time so he is a consistent young man which is a good quality I think. He was just a little over 23 weeks and in the (lower) 30th percentile. That definately must come from the Crain side b/c we Downings tend to breed 'em big. Thanks Crains- I really didn't want to push out a 10 lb'er if I didn't have to! We then went the OB to get our five mintues in with the doc or as Matt likes to call her "Dr. New Moon". This is a Twilight ref for all of you who don't know (or who have been hiding under a rock). I've offically gained 8lbs and my BP is good- 120/70. I feel pretty good except for stuffiness, bouts or heartburn (who gets heartburn from a muffin?), and frequent headaches. I did get a little 24 hour flu last week, incidentally on our anniversary, but it came and went and now I'm good. This weekend Dana is getting married and I am the pregnant matron of honor- bleh! But, she happened to pick dresses that compliment a pregnant gal, so I'll be the DD and just enjoy the tasty food from the Ritz Charles. Nothing much more to report. According to babycenter.com Bean is size of a "large mango" this week. Getting pretty big! More at the start of the first trimester...

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