Monday, December 28, 2009

25 weeks

Today is the last week of my second trimester! Woo hoo!! This has gone pretty fast really- but I have a feeling in the next several weeks I'm going to finally feel really pregnant when I can't bend over or reach the dishes. I start having a head rush when I bend over too quickly already. I often make my husband take off my boots :) He's a good sport. We've had a lot going on in the last couple weeks. My little sister got married- I was the Matron of Honor- and since she lives out of town there was a lot of "stuff" for me to organize. Above is a picture of me at 24 weeks 3 days (5 weeks since me last picture up here) the evening of the rehearsal dinner at the Ritz Charles Chapel. I'm with my cousins- Danny & Ben, and my older brother Clay. So, I did have a sober wedding (yet another) but still had lots of fun and got to poke at the drunk folks- of which there were many. I enjoyed my kiddie cocktails quite thoroughly in fact.
I'm feeling pretty good...same stuff really plus some new backaches when I sit for very long. Lots of headaches and the heartburn is in full swing. I think everything gives me heartburn so I don't pay much attention to what I'm eating and just keep my tums and tylenol close by! Of course I'm getting bigger which is part of the deal. I was thinking that nobody could tell in my bridesmaid's dress but, alas, that was just a ridiculous thought! I even got a spray tan for the wedding. I felt compelled to tell the gal who was spraying me so she wasn't under the impression I was just really chubby. Like she really gives a shit either way. Next was Christmas in Chicago with my side of the family which was a good time as always. My MIL & FIL gave us our crib for Christmas. We had some snow issues in Chicago so we're not actually going to see them until New Years. I did get a good amount of baby clothes & about a dozen kids DVD's. Uncle JJ got Bean the cutest set of "Nike Air Jordan" clothing with matching hat & shoe socks- complete with the swoosh! Thanks Peasy.
At 25 weeks today the baby is 1.5 lbs. He's starting to put on baby fat (yeah!) and his hair has a discernable color & texture (red & nappy??) Last week my utereus was the size of of a soccer ball. Stacy, in particular, thought that was great. The baby is kicking relatively regualrly but they're not quite hard enough that anyone can feel the kicks from the outside of my tummy. It just feels like something is poking me from the inside at this point. At least when I feel a kick I know Bean's alive and moving. It's like having your own internal fetal monitor. I think that covers about everything...
Next week, third trimester!

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