Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4 months (4 and a half really)

I'm all thrown off with my stats because Davis had his four month check-up today and he's really 4 and a half months. Geez. So, off to the doctor we went. I keep hearing "what a big boy" and he really is


Weight 17lb 5 oz. -Daddy guessed his weight on the nose!
Height 26"

Head "big"- for real, that's what the nurse said...

At 4 months that puts him in the 90% but since he's 4.5, he's in the 80's somewhere.

He's doing what he's supposed to but my doctor is VERY laid back so unless he was missing an appendage I imagine he would say this. He's rolling over to his hip a lot. He's gotten past the hip just a few times but can't get past the last shoulder. When I do put him on his tummy he just tries to eat the ground so he's not very good at lifting himself on both arms unless you're waving a snack in front of him or something. Typical Downing! He does start baby rice cereal tomorrow morning. Apparently you only give them this once a day. I had imagined giving it with every bottle so I have like 14 baby spoons. Anyone else who has a baby shower will get one affixed to their gift as an accessory from now on! 'Real' baby food (and high chair) will come after the next doctors appointment at 6 months. How exciting (and messy) that will be. My big boy! Hopefully he won't have any of that aversion to gluten like his Mimi though most folks grow into that as they get older. He also got shots in each thigh today. At the two months shots, I cried- today I laughed. What kind of mom does that make me!? But, he only cried for maybe a minute and then found something to shove in his mouth which distracted him.
What else...ooh...we have discovered the jumperoo. OH MY GOSH! How exciting it is! Lights, music, jumping, toys- what could be better? The exersaucer is not quite as exciting so I brought it here to the office since he's here only 10 hours/week but it's better than laying in that boring bouncy chair says Davis. I've also starting blowing bubbles with Davis as per babycenter.com. He seems interested but is not quite sure what to make of them yet. I still love to see daddy play airplane with "Captain Beanie". It's so cute- I'll have to get a video up here one day. One of my girlfriends, Adriane (who came to meet Davis last week) is a flight attendant so Matthew always has her "serving drinks" on the flights :) That's all for now...more to come soon.

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