Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 months!

Yesterday, my brother turned 30 and today Beanie turns 4 months. Time is a flyin' by. I thought he was still a newborn. But, the stain the carseat puts on my forearm when I'm carrying Davis is evidence that this is not the case! Davis won't have a check-up for another two weeks so no stats yet but I have a feeling he is still in the "beef-a-lo" catagorey. He's wearing 6-9 months at the moment. We've also recently discovered the jumparoo. Oh, what excitment! Davis and I also signed up for about 10 swim lessons at the Monon Center starting in Oct on Sat mornings. They're not so much lessons as getting mom and baby comfortable in the water. Our friend Ty (he's a month older) and Mommy Jackie are joining us for a few of our last lessons in December. Maybe Davis can show Ty what he's learned!

We officially have our first babysitter tonight (I'm excluding all the time he's spent at my moms house b/c that doesn't really count as a babysitter). Matthew and I are having our first evening out together sans baby to attend Tammy McCarroll's wedding. The McCarroll's have been my next door neighbors since I was born so it's a good reason to get out and about. Aunt Joan came to sit all the way from Chicago but I have a feeling she doesn't mind getting some alone time. Who can resist his charms? She clearly has more parenting experience than I considering she's raised two well functioning adult men but I'm still nervous. What if his bottle isn't at just the right temp or his bedtime routine is off so he just yells for an hour instead of sleeping? Well, nothing really will happen- he'll eventually fall asleep but I'm a new mom and I can't help but worry needlessly!!!

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