Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another friend!

I am in the time of my life that folks are following a certain, marriage, house, babies. My friends are having babies and my sister's friends are getting married as they're only a couple of years behind. So, Davis has been getting friends though he may not know it yet. The most recent buddy added is KADE DANIEL MEDINA. Mommy is Susan & daddy is Jeremy. They're both Shaw sales reps. I found out that Susan was actually pregnant at my baby shower this year and I didn't even know it. Sneaky girl! Mr. Kade came a little over three weeks early via c-section (such beautifully shaped heads!) and mom and baby are doing just fine. He was a small little guy weighing 6lb 9oz. We're going to meet our new little buddy next week. I think that may be it on the baby hoizon for the next several months at least...darn it.

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