Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Skillz....

So, Davis was officially 5 months old yesterday. It's going way too quickly...but, we are learning new things by the day. We officially love the exersaucer and more so even the jumperoo- and now can even touch the ground! But, we have to have something to chew on whilst we are in such contraptions. Those little teeth on the bottom are just below the surface but I'm told this is pretty normal and may not poke through for quite some time yet.

Two weeks ago we tried our first "big boy" food- well kind of anyways- rice cereal. That is not going so well, but we will press on. He just doesn't seem that interested. But, I've tasted the stuff- I wouldn't be that interested either.

And, our super is...dun, dun dun...rolling over! He did it one day and the next was flipping like a wild man! Our only problem is Davis can't flip back over to his back yet once he's rolled over and he doesn't actually like being on his tummy so he just gets irritated frequently! He can't roll over with his arms in his swaddler but when he's napping and "free" he does like to sleep on his side some.

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