Tuesday, October 19, 2010

6 months

Ok, well, he's not 6 months officially until Friday but he went for his check-up with Dr. Cummings. That guy is so laid back- unless he had an 11th finger sprout out of his arm he'd prob'ly tell me he was on track but I think Beanie is doing just fine. Dr. Cumming's agreed and added "that he's quite social and had a pleasant disposition." (Are there babies that have "bad" dispositions?) He did have two immunizations (ie: shots) and a flu shot which Matthew thinks is excessive but I've told Matthew he does not have a degree in medicine like my doctor does so he's getting a flu shot! Back to the doctor at nine months.

Height: 28 1/4"
Weight: 18 lb 12oz
Size 2-3 diapers
9 month clothes- he wears a combo of bigger 6-9 month or 12 month at the moment.

SKILLS: Rolling over (though only one way- from back to front), grabbing objects as small as a raisin, tracking objects all directions, sitting supported, standing supported. There are some others from the "book" but I can't remember off-hand.

FOOD: We started rice cereal at about 4.5 months and have just started baby food, stage one, about a week and a half ago. At the moment he gets half a container stage 1 yellow vegetable (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes) mixed with 2.5 T. rice cereal. All in all it makes about 1/4 cup. We're just adding an additional feeding of cereal & green vegetable (peas or green beans) this evening. I've heard most babies don't like this quite as well. Next round of food I buy will be stage 2 (thicker). Soon will come meat (can you saw ewwww to pureed meats!) and lastly fruits in addition to one more meal which will make three meals per day. Beanie will also be adventuring into finger food (ie: biter biscuit, etc) and drinking from a cup. I could have done that at about 5 months and just haven't done so yet. He still eats in his Bumpo seat since he can't sit up on his own yet. Once he does that (sometime this month prob'ly) we'll move to the high chair.

So, all in all, he is a big healthy boy!

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