Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Festivities

We're having a busy-ish weekend here at the Crain household! Matthew officially turned 30 on Thursday. We decided this is the age you are officially a "grown-up". Whether or not we act like one is a different story. We went out for the evening and left Beanie with Nana & DD. Friday Beanie and I went to tennis and came home to get ready for Kim Havestock's wedding at the Roof downtown. It was such a beautiful wedding. Mimi and Papaw were kind enough to come up and stay over night so we could act slightly less than grown up! We didn't want to get too wild seeing that Davis had his very first swim lesson this morning at 9:30a! I had to be at work before the lesson was over so Matthew got in the water on this one. He was so stinkin cute! Mimi hasn't downloaded pics yet but we should have some soon! Between all the other babies, water slides, and general activities at the Monon Aquatic Center- he had a little issue with concentration. He even went under water for the first time and didn't make one peep. What a tough boy he is! I really think he liked it though and we have a few more months so we shall see what kind of little tabpole he becomes. Mr. Tyden Fiesbeck is joining us for lessons in December with mama Jackie. We are very excited to have a friend in the class! While I work this afternoon Davis is going to be out carousing with Daddy, Mimi, and Papaw (though some of the grandkids call him "Aw-paw"). I think it's so important to get these small beings out of the house to see what's out in our big world. I just want to soak in every minute. They just get so big so fast...sigh...

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