Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My family makes a huge deal about Christmas...well, in partciular, Jill makes a huge deal about Christmas so Davis expereicned his first. Christmas Eve was at mom's house and included about twenty folks. The usual made appaerances- ham dinner, Norwegian cookies, trifle, carols, The 12 Days of Christmas acted out by spectators, and the reading of "The Polar Express". I don't think Davis really paid much attention and was a little irritated he coudln't just play with all the crystal on the table! He actually went to bed before the post-dinner carols began so he didn't get the whole experience but he got the idea. And, I think all of the people kind of exhasut him. But, in his Christmas pj's he went and slept wonderfully. I was a little concerned about his schedule with the holidays. Though, it all seemed to work out

Christmas morning traditionally starts at 6am with stocking opening so we got Davis up at little early and he didn't seem to mind. I thought I'd just put him back down at mom's but that did not happen with all the excitement. Really, being a little young for the concept of what was going on, he played on the floor and jumped in his bouncer and was generally a happy young man.

Christmas Day was spent at Nancy & Jimmy's...tenderloin dinner. YUMMY! We all hung out in yoga pants and had a glass or so of wine. We were down to about 14 by that point and Beanie was still going strong. He definately crashed when we were all finished up as did Matthew & I!