Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pre-Christmas/ eating

It is interesting trying to get everything done one is used to doing when there is a tiny human to look after while you do it. This year, as usual, the holidays were chatoic and filled with festivities...

The week before Christmas we all went to Mimi and Papaw's in Bloomington for a pre-Christmas sleepover. Davis slept for maybe two hours and cried when he wasn't being walked. Holy God. I almost went crazy. I just can't imagine having a baby who doesn't sleep. Maybe that means I'm spolied but this kid was NOT happy. Matthew just couldn't understand why he would cry- like he has to have a reason! But, I digress- the evening was nice. Fire in the fireplace and a tree grown by Uncle Damon was in the living room. This one had colored lights and red bells just the right size for Davis to put in his mouth- much more exciting than the boring tree at home that he's not allowed to touch at our house!

Grandpa fed him dinner...he's eating much more these days. He's done most meats- chicken, turkey, and more recently beef and ham. He's on to fruits which clearly is the good stuff. He can't he enough...bananas, apples, pears, raspberries, and just recently mango. Usually in the morning he eats one container that I mix with brown rice cereal, barley, or most recently oatmeal. He's also started some finger foods...rice puffs, graham crackers, mum mums (like a rice cake), and even a little cheddar cheese with plain scrambled eggs. He's had no problems with reactions or allergies. He's a good little eating machine. He's now up to three meals a day and a snack usually in the afternoon.

I can't believe I didn't get any pictures. I am not a good mom...aren't I supposed to have a camera on my hip at all time to capture his first milestones?


  1. I understand you, Katie. Being a mom is being busy all the time. I frequently forget about the camera on holidays. It's just out of my mind. I do have work to do: to write essays, reports, reviews for www.au.essay-writing-place.com and to have my kids dressed and fed. It's a hard time for a working mom with 3 kids.