Monday, January 18, 2010

28 weeks

So, this week Davis/Griffin is almost two and a half pounds. He's getting big and something seems to hurt almost all the time- my back, butt, or spleen. Well, we don't know it's my spleen but he's leanin on some organ and it hurts! Anyone know where the spleen really is? Hmmm...Good lord, we have at least another 4lbs to go. Where is it going to fit?

This weekend mom helped me officially start the nursery. I totally moved out my office stuff and took over the guest room closet (2' x 3' only) to make a wrapping station. I donated and trashed the rest. I took it all to Goodwill this morning. I also took over the small bookshelf in the guest room. We then patched a bizarre amount of pin holes. I think the previous homeowner maybe used the one wall for a peg board. That room clearly had wallpaper in it before which left a lot of residue that glows when you put painting light on it. Luckily, that room is dim normally :) Mom painted all the trim white and we got the ceilings and floors "cut out" (paint wise). Mom (I'm using her a lot for labor clearly) went back over today and got the first coat on too. She just called to tell me that she was changing my sheets, doing laundry, and doing the dishes whilst she waited for the paint to dry. Go ahead on Jill! This week we'll do the stripes and Matthew is taking off baseboards. Hopefully we can schedule the carpenter for next week and be in good shape! Awww...I feel successful from the weekend (Matthew was gone) even though Jill did 75% of it all. Thanks mom!

This morning I got collector's editions of Dr. Seuss (The Lorax is my favorite) and a baby blanket. The baby blanket. It's wonderful and soft and super cute. It's a soft light blue and had a 3" satin edge embroidered with "thank heaven for little boys".

One last thing...I'm tearing up for no apparent reason. Not b/c I've seen a baby or a sad commercial- I was listening to Rhiana in my car and started crying. Crazy hormones.

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