Tuesday, January 26, 2010

29 week check-up

I'm to the two week schedule on the doctor now! Only 11 more weeks....yeahhhh! (I'm also scared shitless too but I'll try not to concentrate on those feelings)

Things are moving along just fine. I'm a nesting psycho. I reorganized and got bins for all my storage areas in need of a spruce up ('cept the garage- that is a BIG undertaking)- laundry, master bath closet & vanity, up hall vanity, and kitchen under-sink cabinets. Mom's also painting the downstairs that didn't get done a couple months ago- hall, entry, DR & LR. Yes, she's still working at my house. She might be over at my house during the day light more than her's. I'm currently paying her in baked cheetos. Yes, that's right. I am very generous. We gave her a manual labor name "Geraldine" in homage of the cheetos :) My house would be a mess without my Geraldine!

So I digress...went to the doctor today. No weight gain (just since two weeks ago). Thank the lord b/c last time I had a BIG # I did not like. I've gained about 15lbs so far. Lots of folks gain 1/2-1 lb per week 'til the end of pregnancy. Let's hope for the smaller of those #'s. If I can keep it to 22lbs or less, I'll be happy. It's just more to lose at the end of this ordeal. The baby's not an ordeal- the having him portion is though! BP is 120/70- fine- and my blood sugar test came back fine. I scored an 80 (like I know what the hell that means) so I asked and the doc said as long as you're under a 140 you're in the clear for gestational diabetes. Bean's heart rate has stayed about the same- 143 and hovers between 142-148. The doc was asking me later about my intentions for labor- drugs please- and she said that 97% of women in IN laboring in a hospital get an epidural. That's quite higher than I anticipated. I'm going to try and wait til 4-5 cm to get it so I'm not confined to a bed for 16 hours. But, I'm flexible- we'll just see how much it hurts.

Dr. Moon also informed me w/ a big smile on her face that she and another couple docs are going to the Superbowl. GO COLTS!!!!!!! (Don't worry- Bean has already has a Colts jacket thanks to Nana-just trying that one out for my mom).

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