Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OB & Nursery

I forgot to update about my first baby class! But, I have the second tomorrow so I'll wait to hear what new info we get and blog about it soon. On a good note- half the class was about how men should dote on their wives. Thanks instructor!

Today I had another OB appointment. I'm just over 27 weeks so I had to take my glucola test. They make sure that your body has the appropriate amount of sugar. If there's too much often you develop gestational diabetes. That's just pregnant diabetes and for most it goes away after delivery. Basically they give you a bright orange juice- it reminds me of bug juice at camp- and you chug it within 5 mintues. I've got to say, it was a tad sweet for 9am. Then, an hour later, they take your blood. Usually they have to stick me 3 times at least and the blood taker lady put on the arm band so tight I thought I was going to pass out. But sure enough, she got it in the first try! This was the first time anyone has ever gotten it in the first try. I'm gonna ask for her next time.

While my body was processing said sugary beverage, I had my short check-up w/ Dr. Moon. I was weighed...I did gain some weight during the holidays that I suppose I will attribute to the endless meals we ate. Can't I just blame it all on Bean? No? Damn. Between wedding activites (that went on for four days), multiple Christmas meals, and New Years- I was not particularly surprised. I've not gained too much weight by any means, but they like the "bigger gals" to gain a little less. Took the BP- it was 112/70 which I'm told is fine- though I still don't know what it actually means. I keep saying I'll look it up- so I'll say it again...I will look that up! I didn't realize the reason us preggos aren't supposed to lay on our back in bed is b/c it decreases your BP. Fun fact I learned in Lamaze class :) We talked w/ the doc briefly about Brazton Hicks contractions and how to tell real from fake. The answer is "call your doctor and come in multiple times until you figure it out". Still getting headaches but far less. There's also the heartburn but that goes away quite easily w/ a little water and some tums. I now have them hidden in my car, purse, at the office, and on both floors of my house. The third trimester means coming in to see Dr. Moon every two weeks. My boss/dad thought that was a little excessive but I do not make the rules daddy. Sorry.

My sister and girlfriends have just started discussing plans for a baby shower. I have a hard time not knowing the details b/c usually the parties I go to I also help plan. I shall wait patiently (well, modeately patiently). Linda Street is kindly letting us use her beautiful new house for a change of scenery. Thanks guys, I'm really excited! I believe the final date is Feb 27th.

There is quite a bit to do for Bean yet. I'm listing it to keep it all in order in my head. Thank god mom is close- she's a work horse. I would never finsh this nursery w/o you. Matthew and I are not so good at "projects".

-Finish cleaning out craft room (wrapping paper room really) and find a closet to put it all!
- Clean off book shelf so Bean has somewhere to put his knick-nacks
-Paint stained trim white
-Take-off base boards
-Paint walls in 6" blue stripes (no paper- too $). Having a hard time b/c of the blue color of the rocker. Hmmm...
-Brad to install new 5 1/4" white base board, bead board paneling, and chair rail after we paint
-Urethane dresser mom painted white
-Paint kids rocking chair white
-Paint legs of rocking horse white
-Find handles for dresser or plug holes and use standard size.
-Put together crib
-Buy floor and table lamp in white wood (this has been harder than I anticipated)
-Make or buy rug...I'm a flooring person. Shouldn't I have this handled? I want a blue, white, and navy rag rug.
-White switch plate covers
-Paint frames for the vintage Pooh drawings Eileen gave me. Other wall art?
-Many wicker baskets for storage under crib and on book shelves
-Wash & assemble bedding. This will be my favorite part! It's so freakin cute!
-Wash and put away clothes, diapers, wipes, etc
-Accessorize...I think I'll like this too :)

I feel better just have made this list! Matthew's gone this weekend with "the boys" so maybe I'll at least get things organized and the paint started. We shall see...

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