Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 month check-up

So, Davis is in good shape! We went to the doctor last week for his official 3 month check-up. He's doing all the things a 3 month Bean should be doing. Milestones that he surpassed...sitting up (assisted) & strength of grip. Things he's not doing so great on...lifting head while on tummy. He HATES being on his tummy so when he starts screaming I usually pick him up or roll him back over. It usually lasts all of two mintues. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be just fine. We're trying to see if the Boppy might be better for him to lay on. The right side of his head is slightly flat so we're putting all his toys to the left. His favorite on his playmat where he spends about 45 minutes in the morning was on his right so maybe this is throwing him out of wack. His head looks fine to me though! He's having no problems gaining weight which is more typical for aformula-fed baby.

Weight: 14 lb 4 oz (72%)

Height: 25 1/4" (90%)

MY BIG BOY! - this must be my genes.

They are SOOOO cute at this age. All smiles and charm. You would not believe how many strangers stop me in a store to google at this kid. I'm sure that happens to everyone but I do believe he is particularly cute :) Of course I'm not biased at all! This month we are still into toys we can bat at but now he gets a hold of them and then tries with all his might to pull them down and put them in his mouth. The drueling is also in full force. My shoulder is constantly moist. We've also learned how fun it is to grab mommy's hair. I can't believe what force it takes me to wrench it free! This week my cousin Ellie and Grandmother Ellie are in town to meet Mr Davis. They love him ALMOST as much as I do.

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