Monday, July 26, 2010


Everyone wants to meet Mr. Davis while he's still in the golden age of babyhood. Well, that's what my book says they are at 3-6 months. This is a time when they're all smiles but still can't escape on foot! We've been meeting lots of new folks from my family. Cousin Grant came out for a couple weeks, he's Davis's second cousin I think (he's my first...hmmm). Grant is 13...then his 18 year old sister came for about a week in a half. That's cousin Ellie- I think by the end she really loved Davis. She would sing to him, take him on walks, and even almost fought a salesman from Saks b/c of an "escalator incident" that could have been potentially harmful. We shall explain THAT later. I wonder what her teenage friends thought of her posting such pictures. I think Ellie did realize she likes Davis but is definately not enamored enough to have her own! Stretch marks do not go so well with itty bitty bikinis! Let's just wait for a good 10 years or so Elle... And, I think she may come to Hilton Head with the fam in November so I can go to a wedding and Davis has someone to watch him. Then Grandma Ellie came, Davis's Great (and only) Grandmother. She's 90 years old and flew here all the way from Spokane, WA like it was no big deal. I laughed when we were in the kitchen and she offered my dad her seat in case he wanted to sit down. But, that's Grandma. She may outlive us all! Then our last new friend was my cousin Danny- he's my oldest cousin at 35 and doesn't have any kids of his own but he was wonderful at calming him right down when Davis started getting fussy. We'll get to see some of these folks again at Christmas but Davis will be gigantic by then so I'm glad so many people made the effort and took time from their schedules to see our son. They change so quickly...sigh...Family's very important and I'm particularly lucky to have a great one.

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