Friday, October 30, 2009

Bean's check-up many mothers and other preggos know, you go into like panic mode the day or two before your appt in the off chance something is wrong. This is regardless of whether or not you've had any prior complications. The more I talk to people, the more I think there is no perfect pregnancy/conception/delivery, etc. Everyone has got SOME kind of issue. This baby having is more emotionally straining than I anticipated. Though, it is all for a good cause. My little Bean. to the office we went- me, Bean, and Mom. Matthew was at work but I like taking someone as a security blanket. My doc was running a little late b/c she was delivering triplets! She said it like it was no big deal. She delivered the patient at 33 weeks b/c one of trips was only 2lbs. Poor little thing. His big 4 1/2 lb brother was hogging all the good stuff! I, the nurse came in and I had to give her my pee cup. You have to carry in your own pee cup they give you from the month before! I do not like this. This is not something I wanted spilling in my purse, so that baby was triple bagged! I was weighed and have officially gained 2lbs which is good but since the doc only wants me to gain 15, I need to save as much as I can for the third trimester. These Halloween goodies are NOT helping! The nurse then took my blood pressure which was a little elevated...I can't remember the # bc I really don't know what the # parts mean. Hmmm...this is something I should look into considering I usually have fairly low BP and it's been "slightly elevated" on all of my three visits. Then, my favorite part, we listen to the heart beat on the doppler. Little Bean kept running away from the nurse which means a.) Bean is athletic or b.) just antisocial- I am hoping for the first of the two w/ Matthew's running genes and some of Stacy's soccering genes in the mix! We only heard it for about 2 seconds but Bean was there thumping away at 160bpm which is still on the higher side (120-180 is avg). Allegedly if the heartbeat is higher, it's a girl...woo hoo! Can you see me putting one of those giant obnoxious headbands on Bean where the flower is as big as her head? I can :) I chatted w/ the doc just briefly next and went off to have what now is the standard battery of blood tests. This includes testing for down syndrome. Thank the lord we can just do blood tests instead of the old option of amnio only. Those needles are freakin huge! Fingers crossed the tests come out ok. I was dehydrated and my blood was not cooperating so after the 3rd stick, we tried my hand which I've gotta say definitely stings a little bit. The only concerning thing- and exciting really- is that I have to go back in for another appt in two and a half weeks. Like I've said before I have a slight bicornuate uterus (heart shaped, split in the middle) and us gals have a higher occurring incontinent cervix. This is not the kind of incontinence where you can't hold your pee- it's where your cervix wants to open early, very early and doesn't hold the baby to term. The rate doesn't seem to be lower in women with a minor case of the heart uterus vs. a severe shape where the uterus has "horns". So, we're gonna check things out to make sure I can carry to term. The doc said "oh, it's no big deal, if that's the case then we just put some stitches in your cervix". Well, I don't know about you lady, but that sounds like a bad deal to me! But, we certainly want to keep Bean in there as long as possible. I'm 16W 5D and babies born around the 24 week mark have a ~50% survival rate though it jumps to between 80-90% at 28 weeks. On a good note...b/c the doc wants to check me out I get to have an early ultrasound- meaning WE GET TO FIND OUT THE SEX OF THE BABY ON NOVEMBER 17th. Hell yeah!! So, we're taking bets on what the sex will be. I think it will be a boy and Matthew thinks Bean's a girl . Haven't decided on the stakes- something involving poopy diapers I'm guessing. Any other takers? We won't make you change diapers- well, some of you that is :)

NOTE: Blood tests came out "normal". YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am voting for girl!! We have a very unscientific study going---most the guys we know that ran long distance in high school and college have girls--out of all the kids there are only 2 boys. and both of those familes have girls also. small population group of 17 kids, but still the girls win!! good news on the blood work!!