Thursday, November 5, 2009

The damn line..

So, we've all heard and seen about the H1N1 vaccine- and the debate as to whether or not it's safe. As I've said in an earlier post, I'm just going to do what the doc says and get me and Bean our shot. I was supposed to get it at my 16 week check up. Nobody said anything at the OB so I called the next day assuming it had been forgotten. Apparently, my doctor's office (w/ 6 doctors mind you) had only gotten 75 vaccinations- not enough for one doc let alone the entire clinic of 6. I asked Mrs. Nurse "well, then what am I supposed to do". She said "well, you're supposed to find one somewhere else". Me.."any idea where that might be?" Her..."no, but you really need one". Thanks. That helps.

There are public vaccinations all over the news but mainly in Marion County as they've gotten 10x as much as any other county. Not sure why that is but mom calls and says there is a clinic at Lafayette Square (ie: scary ghetto mall on the west side of Indy) Wed at 3 until 7pm. The last clinic reportedly had lines out the wazoo lined up in advance but apparently the late comers just walked right in. Knowing that I had the office to run (dad is out of town on vaca for his 60th), I thought, well, I'll leave at 4 and get there by 4:30 and beat the work crowd. Boy was I ever wrong. I walked to the place where said clinic was going on and the guard said (yes, there were guards) "oh, it's outside". Thought that was odd until I spotted the line...3000 people deep and about 2/3 of a mile long wound along several department stores in the parking lots. I guess my plan was not as good as I had hoped. I really considered leaving but then thought, no, I'll wait it out. So, I got my ticket and I was #2926 out of 5000. That's one big ass line and the cold setting sun made it seem much longer. It was like I was at Kings Island and never got on the ride! The screaming children-cold and bored- also seemed to make the wait longer. What had I gotten myself into (with the baby having that is)...but then realized I would only have one baby, not hundreds all screaming at the same time. So, I immersed myself in some Edward (some of you know what that means) and I just tried to block it out. Now, why didn't I bring a snack and a chair and a coat. Damn. But, come 8:30p- 4 hours later, I was put at the "special" pregnant table, and I got the shot! Woo hoo! I am officially vaccinated. :) Glad that's over...the mommy sacrafices have already begun. Maybe I should just get used to it!

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