Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And the final answer is....dun, dun, dun...


Ho-ly crap...Matthew and I are having a boy. I've already been warned about getting peed on by about six people today. Has anyone heard of a pee-pee teepee? Well, I haven't but it sounds genuis! Anyway...it came as a shock to us b/c those of you who know me would have prob'ly guessed I tend to lean toward the girly side. But, almost everyone (including myself) has actually guessed little Bean was going to be a boy. And I have all those girl clothes from Lindy, darn it! Who's going to know if he wears some pink pajamas :) He didn't much cooperate w/ the ultrasound tech. this morning. I had to get up and jiggle around and go to the bathroom two times so we could get a better view. But there it was...Bean is a Beaner?? Hmmm...is that right? Anyway, we're very excited to know who this little guy is. Certainly feels more real now. He looks to be in good health. We have to go back for another ultrasound in 4 weeks b/c he was too small to get a good look at the heart and kidneys which somtimes are hard to see before 21 weeks or so (and I'm only 19). Heart rate is 148 bpm so it's gotten lower. Does this mean I'm supposed to carry high or low? I can't remember. My offical weight gain is 4.5 lbs. Doing ok there. AND there's nothing wrong w/ my cervix...no stitches for me! My length is 3.7. Not sure what that means but I was told if it was over 3 then I'm in good shape. Whew...glad I don't have to deal with that. What happens if one was to go into labor early and the baby was sewn in there? I'm sure there's a contingency plan for that but I'm glad I won't have to worry about it. My BP is back to normal...great. It had been a little elevated the couple previous appts. I am having tons of headaches...like two a day. But, the doc says that's normal in the first and middle part of the second trimester b/c of hormone shifts- especially if you're prone to them anyway- which the Downing girls are. The doc says I can basically take Tylenol to my hearts content which is good b/c I've been trying not to take too much having concerns about the baby. I'm feeling really good these days. Still a little tired but that could be b/c it gets dark at 5pm and it hasn't been sunny in 6 weeks. This is the plague of Indiana! Glad I'm having a spring baby so me and Bean don't get stir crazy when he's born.

My little Bean is a person now. Weird...

Hunter Daniel here I come. I know honey...we haven't agreed to anything yet but I'll wear you down- just watch :)

Matthew is scanning in ultrasound pics as we speak. I'll make sure and get those up soon. Now to find some boy bedding since all the pics of are of girls...hmmm...

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! How cute!!!!! And it has to be Hunter because I have the whole name, and initials, already in my head- so sorry Matthew if you aren't quite on board for Hunter Daniel Crane yet but it's gotta be!!!!! :)