Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boy bedding

I haven't put any boy bedding up...only girl. That's not really fair- especially now that we KNOW there is no need for floral bedding. So, here are some boy sets from Pottery Barn Baby I like. Since I'm doing wallpaper in pin stripes (medium blue and navy over white) or just some tone on tone in med & light blue wide vertical stripes, the bedding needs to be relatively simple. No animals and PLEASE no arbitrary sports parafanalia. Now, a little Colts hoodie (or Cubs for Uncle Pease) is fine but the stuff that just had a random football on it is not for me! White furniture and sticking w/ the crib I put in an earlier post. I'd love an upholstered rocker in navy blue w/ white piping but we'll have to see if that's in the budget. I did find one at Babies R Us if it's a really true navy. We're doing coastal look w/ sailboat accents. If anybody else finds something, let me know!

Picture 1- this is the only set from Babies R Us I found. Too busy? CLearly the colors and the sailboars are what I'm looking for.

Picture 2- this is the rocker I'm thinking of. Have to see to make sure it looks navy and not Colts blue. I LOVE the one at Pottery Barn but it's twice as expensive so that's not gonna happen! I'm also not a huge fan of microsuede but it does clean up well. I've looked at the gliders (less money) but there are very few that are white and I think the stained gliders look a little "old school".

Picture 3- it actually has some zebras on it but doesn't so much fit my theme. Just really like the colors and the simplicity. Just a smidge of pattern

Picture 4- ABC Toile bedding- some of you know how much I love toile. But prob'ly a little tooty fruity for a boy. Just dreaming...

Picture 5- Pique white bedding w/ pale blue detail. Also can monogram. Very tasteful I think but is white a great idea? I'm not sure. I guess I could always buy some blue sheets.

Picture 6-"Chase" striped bedding. Super cute- but only if I do the wide stripes in paint. The wall paper looks to similar to this I think.

Picture 7- Ok, there's a snowman seasonal set on here that I really don't need but it's freakin adorable! And would go w/ my normal colors in the winter. I have about 87 purses- this should be no surprise that I like duplicate accessories!


  1. My vote is for the first bedding set- I LOVE it!!! I think you should absolutely do that one! In regards to your white debate- NO NO NO, you do NOT want white sheets as the set that goes with your bedding- I promise you! I don't care if you buy the little sheet saver things or not, you do not want white sheets. I have 1 crib sheet that is white and within a couple washes I was totally pissed I even bought it. At Babies R Us they have some super comfy navy sheets I think you'll like for your back up sheets- since you will need them! The tee-pee things are funny, I don't have one but know lots of people who use them and thought about getting one with BB but didn't. And you'll be happy to hear, BB has only peed on me 1 time ever so I'm sure you'll be fine- and when he peed on me he was in the bathtub so I don't blame him- the water was warm! lol

    Let me know when you make your decision on the bedding, my vote is for #1.

    I can't believe Clay is going to be an Uncle! :)


  2. I like the toile bedding--and to be honest he is most likely going to be in a big boy bed by the time he is three which is usually around the time they start caring about that stuff. (If not sooner if #2 comes along before that) Well, not so sure about boys, but that is when the girls started to care. I also like the striped one, but i understand what you are saying about it being so matchy with the walls. But then again, you aren't really going to use the quilt in the crib, not sure if you plan to hang it on the wall or not. Once they start pulling up(~6-8 months) the bumpers will most likely go to. so you have a very short amount of time that they are in the room. So to be honest the sheet is what you are going to see most of the time. Maybe i am just a paranoid Mom. Even now I only use a small thin blanket with HC.
    Not sure that my comments helped or not. I actually like all of them--so I don't think you can go wrong with any of them!!