Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here are some GIRL bedding options I really like. All from Target Shabby Chic actually. I like the cottage look so that's where I'm leaning. I already know what I'm doing for a boy and the bedding will be farily plain since I don't care for cars, baseballs, animals, etc. It's too "themey" for me. But, a girls room has many, many options. I was going to have mom make something but seeing as she's already done so much manual labor at my house (she just painted my family room & kitchen- and not to mention the hours of cleaning and prepping she did beforehand) I'm going to try and buy something reasonable if I can find what I like. I'm really leaning towards the top two but the one below is kind of interesting and a little vintage. Now, toile- pink and white paper (above some bead board hopefully) or go to a wide vertical stripe in two tone or tone on tone? Choices. The green paper in the top picture is awfully cute isn't it? My husband is thrilled for another project :) Hmmm...I have some of both in the house already so that's not the issue. (If I sell the house in 5-10 years and every single wall has pattern on it then the buyers will have to deal!) Or maybe a subtle floral paper-that may be too bust for me and little Bean. I've looked at the local wholesaler but haven't found exactly what I like. We'll see..but if anyone has favorites let me know! Or if you come across anything you think might fit the bill. I've looked for toile bedding (can't do the paper and the bedding in toile I realize, but could go striped wall) please email me the link. I've found a few that are either sold out or crazy expensive. The crib below is what I'm using either way- boy or girl. Gives me the style I'm after and is still reasonable. I'd love to go all crazy on Pottery Barn Baby but it's not in the budget. They have some really cute stuff. Also looking for a well priced upholstered rocking chair. Either navy or pink w/ white piping. No glider for me...just always thought they were funny looking.

I think this will represent my cape cod look perfectly- boy or girl. For a boy I'm doing vintage sail boats, etc.


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  1. Love the crib- and as far as girl bedding goes- of the top 2 pics I LOVE LOVE the 2nd one- and I really think if you have a girl you gotta do a chandellar (yes I know that's not sp correctly)!! I want to get one for Chloe's room but since I have to redo it anyway I'm going to wait until that's done. Anyway- I also forgot to mention to tell you I have the crib bumper from Chloe that I got from Pottery Barn Kids, I'll send you a pic to see if you like it. Only problem will be if your wanting a complete matching set of everything I doubt they carry that style for sheets ect... anymore.
    On your chair - of all places, look at JCP. I'd look in their catalog first, then online and then the store, but suprisingly they have great rockers or gliders at great prices. I'd look into a microfiber and one that has removable cushions so you can wash it, which you will have to do often! :) I have the rocker I bought for Chloe and had in her room as an infant, then in the living room and now in BB's room and every possible thing ever has been drawn or smeared on that chair and there's not a single stain! ok too long of a post- I'll write you an email later- cause I have a couple boy ideas too since you don't like the little boy stuff anymore than I do- and you remember my dilemas and dramas with deco BB's room!

    xoxo to you, Matthew and Bean!