Thursday, April 1, 2010

Place your wager.

I'm wayyyy over being pregnant so we're taking bets as to what day I'm going into labor. The "winner" gets to choose Davis's first year Halloween costume- within reason people! I've had several people suggest that the winner get to pick the middle name. Yeah right. So...the following wagers have been made...

Dana April 9th (god bless you for thinking I'll deliver a week early!)- She has already said "Ewok". Great- at least daddy will be happy, though.
Clay- April 11th
Katie/Courtney- April 13th
Shannon- April 14th
Matthew- April 15th
Christi- April 16th
Stacy- April 17th
Tim- April 19th.

*I'm cursing all of you that are pulling for me to deliver after me due date! Jerks.

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