Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OB Appointment

I had another OB appointment today. There are lots of them now (every two weeks) so some appointments are a little scant for excitement. BP is good- same as usual- 112/70 but I gained about 3.5 lbs. I'm almost at 19 now. Yikes. I hadn't gained any in the last month or so, so we'll just chalk it up to a Davis growth spurt. My new favorite treat is ants on a log! But, I'm still well within "normal" (actually on the lower end) but I'll keep on eye on things. Davis is still feet down but that's not a concern until much later in the pregnany 36-38 weeks. Next appointment in two weeks.

There was an amusing indident in the waiting room. Some wild hillbilly gal- I'd guess around 20 or so- shows up with her pregnant 16 year old sister. Sister seems fine and goes back to have her appt. Well, after the non-pregnant gal sat there for some time (which she deemed too long) she started harassing all the employees and the poor receptionist- like she can make the doctors move faster. She starting saying profanities loud enough for us all to hear and told us all to leave this "shit show". Clearly some of us in the waiting room were not used to this behavior here in our land of the suburbs. She finally was escorted to the back but not before she accosted me (my doctor was not running behind so I was called only a few mintues after I'd checked in). The receptionist said "please do not harass our pregnant patients". She was a nut ball. It's an OB office not a football game, lady! Lets hope I am not on the same schedule as her poor little sister who just looked terrified. You meet all kinds...

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