Monday, February 15, 2010

Damn Wal-Mart!

Matthew & I ended up with a free day on Sunday b/c mynephew had Fist's disease (Fifth's?) and we weren't sure what the protocal was. So, no trip to Bloomington for Mimi's bday. Sorry Mimi. Anyway, I thouhgt since we had just gotten the bead board done the day before (pictures to come!) I would have Matthew assemble the crib. I had found it at Target and shortly thereafter it was discontinuted from Tarrget and wouldn't you know the same one was at Wal Mart. Mark & Eileen shipped it to us for our Xmas gift and its been sitting in the garage ever since. When Matthew opened the box, we found the head board was cracked. Damn you Wal Mart and your inferior handling! Now Wal-Mart no longer carries the crib. The store manager said we could call the manufactuerer direcly. I informed him that when my customers recieved damaged tile that we were responsible to get it handled since we had contracted w/ the customers. The manager did not seem to comprehend what my point was- alas- it is Wal-Mart so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. So, I have called the manufacturer and apparently the crib was not made after '08 so they were going to check back stock and get back to me. I'm a little tempted to fill the crack and just put it up. It's on a corner and not that big (the back is a little uglier but what do I care about the back of the crib that nobody will ever see?). Hmmm...I just want to get my darling nursery finished! Poor customer service is so frustrating!!

REVISED: Bassett Baby called and said they had 8 left and are getting one out to me asap. Should be here in 7-10 business days. Yeah!!

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