Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OB Appt

Today I had yet another OB appointment. There are so many of these damn things I've let Matthew skip a few. Here are stats

Total weight gain: 23 lbs (8 lbs in the last 5 weeks. Crap.) Still fine but not where I'd like to be.
BP: 112/66...a little lower than normal for me but still very normal
Heart Rate (Davis): 144 normal
Size (Davis): 36 cm- coorelates to about 5 lbs currently w/ a projected size of just over 8lbs at birth. That's in the 60-65% percentile. But, that's only an educated guess really.
No sugar or urine in my protein- good!
Bean is head down for the first time- good! Just stay there...

Not much exciting for today's appointment. I did quiz Dr. Moon on epidurals. In a previous baby class (which we've now finished after 7 weeks) we were told that some doctors turn the epidural off, down, or some just let continue as long as mom isn't too numb to push. She wouldn't divulge the doctors who turn the meds off (that's just mean!) but Dr. Moon said she continues the drug unless there are problems pushing (sometimes there are w/ first timers b/c we don't know what we're doing). Next came a sigh of relief. Though some moms have the impression that the catheter drip has been turned down when, in fact, the contractions are just so strong you feel a lot more towards the end including lots & lots of pressure. In any case- drug me up lady! Next appointment should prove more exciting. I get an internal exam to see if I'm "progessing". Joy.

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