Tuesday, March 9, 2010

35 week check-up

I had my 35 week check-up today and from here on out I go visit the doc once a week in preparation for the BABY! Woot woot!!
Unfortuneately, this means I have to have a cervical exam to see if I'm "softening". OH MY GOD...you don't know how much force has to be exerted to get the doctors fingers up to my cervix. Next time I'm going to ask for a leather strap to bite on. I feel a little violated- and if the baby doesn't come on his own then surely the sheer force of the exam will at least help to wriggle him free. Not looking forward to any more of these. I'm tempted to just squat and have this baby in a field early just to avoid this procedure in the future. Why didn't someone warn me! Shocking I tell you. I guess this in preparation for the real work ahead of me.

Stats...no weight gain this time (after 8 lbs in 5 weeks that's a relief!) so- almost 24 lbs
BP 118/70 I think.
No dialation or softening. So, should be close to my due date- or at least not early.
Baby is measuring around 5.5 lbs- so, that puts him roughly in the high 7lb range- close to 8.

Issues this month- constant discomfort. Now I really feel pregnant. My back & siadic (sp?) hurt ALL THE TIME. My feet & fingers are swollen- not too bad though. When I got off the plane from FL last week my feet looked like marshmellows with toes on the end. It was not pretty but they did go back to "normal" (well, pregnant normal) within a few hours. I'm also having some uncomortable contractions at night sometimes, but they go away in an hour or so. Sleeping through the night is tough b/c of the discomfort mixed with the need to pee about every hour and a half. But, considering I only have 5 weeks left, I've really had a pretty good pregnancy relative to lots of other women. I should be thankful that I've had to problems really.

We're (me & mom) are finishing up the nursery today and then pictures of the finished product!

And congratultions are in order to Jackie & Colin who had a baby boy "Tyden Everett Fiesbeck" yesterday at 1:29am- 7lb 13 oz and healthy. Also to my friend here at the office that just told me she's 10 weeks. I'm not sure if she's announcing publicly yet- so we'll keep her and her husband under wraps for the time being. More playdates!

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