Tuesday, March 16, 2010

36 week check-up

Alas, another cervical exam! Do I really need one of these damn things every week? On a good note, I had the nurse practicioner today who wasn't quite as forceful but did seem to want to fish around for a while which was just not entirely pleasant. But, good news- my cervix is softening so I'm moving in the right direction! But, the head is still "really high" so the NP gave me some exercises to do on my birth ball along w/ lunges and stairs. That's what I want to do at 8 months pregnant- flights of stairs! But, if it makes this baby come quicker- I might just be up for it!

Stats at 36 weeks:
PB: 116/70
Weight- almost 25 lbs.
Davis heart rate: 132

All well within the normal/healthy range!

The nurse was more chatty than the doctor so she answered all my questions on my list (I had 10) and prepped me a little bit for what to expect. I would like to tell all my relatives that asked me to give birth on a weekend (or a day or two before) that no, I can't schedule an induction based on that unless I'm passed 39 weeks already. Sorry. I'm also told that some belly buttons do NOT pop out which is news to me. I happen to have a very deep belly button that does not appear to be going anywhere. Matthew seemed to think this was like a tukey timer- when I was ready it would shoot out of me. Not the case. I think that's all for this week- more next Tuesday- lets hope the baby moves his way down soon!

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