Tuesday, March 23, 2010

37 weeks!

37 weeks means a full term baby! Woo hoo! Though, looks like I'm not quite there yet :( so I will wait semi-patiently for three more weeks (hopefully less) until the little man is quite ready to make his way into the world. Maybe he's just waiting for warm weather. Seems reasonable to me.

Today I had yet another OB appt and cervical exam (joy.) I am 50% effaced and one cm dilated so I'm moving in the right direction. Though, you can be one-three cms dilated for weeks on end so that really doesn't tell us when he's coming, just that if I am dilating that I'm more likely to have a successful vaginal delivery.

BP 126/70- just a smidge high for me but I was a little worked up b/c I was running late.
Bean HR: 148- also a little high for him but very normal
Weight gain: 25.5 lbs- let's keep it under 30!
Dialated: 1 cm
Effaced: 50%

I really hope this ababy comes just a little early to avoid more exams. If they can't tell me from my cervical stats when he's coming then why do the insist on putting their arm up me so damn often?! But, we have Easter coming up at the Crains & Matthew says Davis will interrupt his work schedule if he's early, so we'll see what happens...until next week...

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