Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The nursery is DONE!

I think we're all done! Yeah!! This really looks nothing like any of my other rooms. So much for continuity. It was stained wood work and no bead board. It was really my wrapping and junk space. This is much more suitable for a baby. I've been told babies are nearly blind at birth so this is prob'ly more for me than Davis but oh well!

These are pics of the finished nursery. The top photo is just a little navy side table from Target. I was trying to balance the navy from the rocking chair in the other corner of the room. The next photo is the crib from Matt's parents. They also donated these 1950's Winnie The Pooh watercolors. I just framed and matted for a little more pop. The lamp is hobbile- I know- that's the one thing I'm still working on. I stole this one from Matt's office just to get some light in the space. Form over function or the other way around? Hmmm....

Below is the window treatment mom made (and hung w/ Matt's help). It's a quilted white with navy on navy linen w/ embroidered pin dots. And of course "DC" for Davis Crain".

An antique wire pram I got while with Courtney in Houston.

Another Winnie the Pooh watercolor. Matthew did NOT like hanging this shelf. Something about wall anchors and studs. I supervised and was the hammer holder. Somebody's gotta do it. The dresser was picked up at a garage sale by mom- she also sanded off the stain and painted white. Matthew put in the new hardware. The drawyers are all full for Mr. Davis.

Old Teddy & mini rocking chair from Matt's Grandma who has since passed away.

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  1. Everything looks awesome!! Wish I would've been there to help. I love love love the poop..I mean pooh... prints. hehehe

    I can't wait to see it next time I'm home.