Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June Weekend

We had another exciting weekend! I love the summers when there are always things to do and people to see. Friday, Davis got to meet one of his Great Grandfathers, Grandpa Guy Shine. Unfortuneately, his wife, my grandmother, Mila passed away just two weeks before Davis was born. It reminds us all about the cycle of life. Grandpa Guy is 88 years old and lives at home with his son Carl. We visited for a few hours and went on home to make sure Daddy got to see Davis before he went down for the night. I was impressed how many details Grandpa could recall about his own kids at that age.

Saturday we took Davis's first trip to Bloomington to see Davis's Aunt Lindy, Uncle Damon, and all his girl cousins- Annalyssa- 7, Clara- 5, and Hannah-2. It was Annalyssa's 7th birthday party and many of her friends and cousins from Lindy's side came over for a pool party. Davis was, again, not enthusiastic about the water, but we had cake & hung with the family. Mimi & Papaw came a little later in the afternoon and, of couse, Mimi would not put Davis down. She even changed a poo diaper. I'm not sure if I'll be that kind of grandma or not. Even Miss Hannah held her little cousin. The girls are so good with him. We haven't spent much time with his boy cousins, Wyatt & Andrew. I'm curious to see if they're quite as gentle! I'm having a few doubts :)

Sunday daddy & Davis hung out all day long. Matthew called me a few times and said how appreciative he was that I am with him all day, everyday. I think our little Davis was a little more time consuming than he anticipated. Ha. No shit. I went with my Aunt Nancy to the Talbott Street Art Fair. She was exhibting her mosaics over the weekend and I thouhgt she could use a buddy to keep her company. By the time I got home around 7pm, my mom and dad were already at my house. Jill spent 12 days in Spokane WA and was anxious to see Davis as she'd only missed seeing him two other days since birth. Nobody wants to see me anymore. Sigh. Oh well, at least she brought dinner :)

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