Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mommy tricks.

So, I keep getting good advice from my mommy friends. I don't really know what I'm doing in a lot of instances so its really great to have some good women nearby to help. Here are a few things I've learned...

1.) Davis does NOT like to be cradled in your arms unless he's eating or sleeping. His favorite position is being held with his legs straddling my thigh so he can check out his surroundings. It also helps build his neck & head muscles so he doesn't do the newborn flop.

2.) He loves to flail around on the floor. The boy just goes crazy! He makes lots of noises while he is on the floor too. Some folks think the noises mean he's unhappy but he's just talkin' to us. If he was unhappy- y'all- you would know it! We like to put him on a the ground for play time a few times a day and just hang out and chat or sing with him.

3.) Those "activity mats" just pissed him off for the longest time until I figured that the 58 toys that were on the bar overhead is what was freakin him out. He just likes one or two- perferably something that chimes and that he can bat at. He also perfers the toy in front of him is on his left side. Apparently most babies pick one side over the other.

4.) Gas position...Davis has some gas and tummy issues after he eats. I realize there is formula for this but he absolutely refuses the "fussiness and gas" variety. The generic formulas have some kind of cheap binder that makes them VERY foamy and his tummy hurt all the more. So, when he does get gas, we put him in the position above. Tummy and head on pillow and feet hanging off so it puts some gentle pressure on him tummy. People, don't freak out- I know they're supposed to be on their backs- but don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him. Besides, all of us capable of reading this blog grew up on our tummies- a few mintues a day won't hurt him!

5.) Babies- at least mine- don't cry for no reason. He's tired (and has to be forced into a nap), is hungry (or wants a pacifier), has a dirty diaper, or his tummy hurts. Fixing these issues quiets him 98% of the time. Recently, a few times he's been too warm. He's not as complicated as I originally anticipated.

6.) Movement- when he is generically fussy- don't put him down! Everyone wants to cuddle him and I can' blame them b/c he is so damn cute but swing or rock him- the hardler the better. This will put him to sleep in 5 mintues! Then slowly put him in the swing or vibrating rocking chair and voila, I can actaully make dinner!

7.) All these pee-pee gadgets that are supposed to go over his "man parts" so he doesn't pee on mommy are really pretty silly. Don't get me wrong- they're amusing but all his flailng around on the changing table means that the 3" peice of molded fabric does not work as well as intended. I throw a wipe on him. Simple & no extra accessories to carry!

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