Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day fun

This past weekend was Memorial Day. We had a long relaxing weekend with family and friends. Friday we went to my Aunt Nancy's art show after having a cocktail or two on Tom's deck in downtown Carmel. Everyone loves when we bring Davis out on the town! Saturday morning Aunt Stacy, Mom, Davis & myself went on a walk on the Monon Trail and then on to the Farmers Market. The gentleman selling the "spark buttons" to raise funds for Carmel's 4th of July festivities decided Davis was the cutest spark button patron (ok, he said youngest but he meant cutest!) so they took a picture of him and it will be in next month's local events magazine called "The Current in Carmel". We then went to brunch at mom's house where Stacy's friends were coming before they headed to the race. Davis got to meet Joan & Louie's little girl Taylor who was almost 10 months old and such a big girl. I yearn for the day he can put his own pacifier is his mouth like Miss Taylor!

Saturday afternoon my good friends from Houston came in town for the last time nefore Courtney goes on an international assignment for 9 months to Quatar in the Middle East. We had yet another cocktail and went to see Sex & the City II. Davis stayed all day with daddy. I think daddy wanted a nap when we came home. Miss Courtney stayed over Sat. night because her husband, Tim, was going to the race with the rest of his family.

So, Sunday Courtney got to know Davis a little better and we hung around the house picking out a color scheme for her new row house she's going to build in Houston. In the afternoon we went to the West Clay pool with Shannon and "her" kids. Davis did not like the cool water. That look on his face is not pleased but he was so darn cute in his swim trunks! That evening we had a cookout at moms house. My Uncle Gary joined us as well as Nancy & Jimmy, Stacy, & Tim & Courtney. Tim was SO good with Davis. He could palm him in one hand, do the mom sway, and crack a beer in the other hand. He is going to be a great daddy one day. Above are some pics from the weekend. It really is wonderful to have family so close. Now, if Uncle Peasy would just come home with my sister, I would be a happy girl. You hear that Pease, I'm giving you 5 years!!

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