Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The official SCHEDULE

Oh, how I LOVE having a schedule for this child. It didn't occur to me until this past week that I should actually put him on one. But, we'd put him in his crib the week before and he was only sleeping 3 hours at a time. Some babies are nearly sleeping through the night at this point so I figured something was lacking. I called and communed with my three mommy gurus- they are my go-to girls for all things mommy related. Lindy, my SIL with three girls, Kelle Lazzara with a 6 month old that has done so much research you'd think she's a doctor, and Christi who has a nearly perfect two year old. I wonder if boys are different seeing as all these gals have little girls? We were told how much some babies sleep at night if they're in a swaddler- Kelle referred to it as a baby straight jacket and she was right. But, wouldn't you know- he slept six hours his first night and in less than a week he's sleeping around 10 hours without waking. Oh what a joy this is. I just can't explain to people who haven't experienced it or who have just forgotten how sucky it is to wake up in the night to feed an upset baby. Now, we're putting him down around 8:30pm and he wakes to be fed around 5:30am or 6am. I think we're going to take turns doing this feed. I know some people think its silly but I'm so thrilled having a few hours to ourselves at night. And, I know he's a baby so I'm flexible but he doesn't know what he needs, mommy does! Here's the official scheudle: We don't quite have the naps down yet but we're working on those.

7am- Katie get up
8am- Davis feed, diaper, etc
845- playtime
10- nap- T & Thur to Nana Jill's for the rest of the day so mommy can work!
11- feed, diaper, etc
1145- playtime, Katie to work M&W
1pm- nap
230- feed, diaper, etc
315- playtime, errands or walk
5pm- feed, diaper, etc
545- do our best to keep him up! play w/ daddy & tummy time
715- bath
745- change & read
815- feed & bed

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