Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 month check-up

Today we went to the doctor for his two month check-up. Time is a-flyin! All was well...I had my long silly list of first-time mommy questions which the doctor patiently waded through. He says he's doing what he's supposed to...smiling, gaining strength is his neck, sleeping more, and steadily gaining weight. Last month he was 10lb 5oz, this month he is up to 12lb 12oz. What a big healthy boy we have. That puts him between the 50 & 75th percentile according to babycenter.com. I think that makes him just the perfect size! At the end of his appointment he had to get more vaccinations- 4 in total, in two shots. That made mommy's eyes water. My poor little boy. Holding my infant down while some woman sticks needles in his thighs in NOT how I want to spend my afternoon! Here's my sweet Beanie at two months. He's getting cuter all the time! Now, who does he look like? Hmmm...

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